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Jan 13, 2016 · I have had a batch of seemingly unrelated symptoms. MS? in Brain & Nervous System

I have had a batch of seemingly unrelated symptoms for a few years; I am now wondering if I possibly have MS as that would explain most of the symptoms. I definitely have disc and spine issues that are being investigated right now as I am losing function in my left arm and hand, but some of the questions the neurologist asked me in my appointment yesterday made me think … For nearly a year I have had extreme, sudden and unexplained pain in my left cheek (trigeminal nerve maybe? Side note, I have had two teeth removed due to the pain thinking it was dental)…for a few years I have experienced what I have thought was something called ‘slipped rib syndrome’ which has been excruciating and I’ve seen a chiro for each time with little if any relief (MS Hug maybe? Side note, it’s not my gallbladder; that was removed in 2009)…tingling, burning and other pain in hands, feet, face and other varied areas…my left leg drags easily…I have urinary continence issues as well as bowel instability…my normally damn near perfect memory has been slipping badly for the past year and have had a lot of concentration problems for the first time in my life…vision issues, primarily in my left eye, but sometimes in both….I have the dropsies and have trouble gripping a lot lately as well … there is more, but … thoughts? I am wondering how to approach my PCP doc with this theory. Would the neurologist doing MRI imagining of my entire cervical, thoracic and lumbar notice anything related to MS if he isn’t specifically looking at the imaging for MS? Thoughts???