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Mar 14, 2016 · Trigeminal neuritis/neuralgia treatment: in Brain & Nervous System

Hi Cagon,
I feel sooo bad for you because I was once in that particular hell! I couldn’t take the oral meds so I had 2 mac degeneration surgeries where they put teflon on the blood vessels so that the nerve could be protected. Some say it works. I had 2 that didn’t. I had a gamma knife procedure that didn’t work either. So after 5 years of horrible stabbing pain I finally asked for a Rhritzomy….where they finally cut the nerve so that they didn’t touch anymore aganist the blood vessel. It is the only procedure that finally gets rid of TN.!! Your mouth is numb and there maybae some complication, but it beats the suicidal thoughts you feel when you get searing thunder pain stabbing thru’ your face. Talk to your doctor about that option.

Feb 5, 2016 · "Electric Shock" type pain in my scalp! in Chronic Pain

Sorry for my ignorance here. (I am a Trigeminal Neurolgia survivor in the face. I had a massive Ritzotomy in the brain) But are you sure it is TN? What you all have is surely real. I was under the suggestion TN was only with the 3 branches in your face. The nerve is hitting against a blood vessel ..

Feb 5, 2016 · Want to discuss prolapse bladder or any kind of prolapse in Women's Health

Hi Mrs Tanglefoot,

My response to you regarding the female prolapse and you wearing something in your underware. I hadn’t heard of that. And having the prolapse & the cloth you are wearing it for 10 years? Why not get the surgery and fix it once and for all? Are you afraid of surgeries? In the meantime before surgery I can see wearing something if the rectum starts falling out. My surgeon told me to use k-jelly and gloves and gently push it back in when it come out. If you don’t it will get dried out and cause pain.

The surgery does not hurt at all. Just some minor issues. In 6 to 8 weeks and your vaginal area is tight again.

The men will love that.

I wouldn’t like having it hanging out at the wrong times. Some of us has men in your lives sometime or another.

If you have an active sex life, it can get messy and embarrassing at the wrong time.

Feb 4, 2016 · 6 Fast & Easy Ways to Avoid Heartburn

can anyone tell me how to stop extreme flagulance? (farts) what can I take for control that works well? I have to take opiods for my pain, and it causes chronic constipation. I have to take Lactilose and stool softners to regulate me daily. I can not stop taking pain or constipation medicines. I think that is what is causing the heavy gas. I am in a catch 22.

Feb 4, 2016 · Want to discuss prolapse bladder or any kind of prolapse in Women's Health

I would like to know more about vaginal and rectum prolapse. It was thought by my gyn. I had vaginal prolapse and had surgery to repair it. It turns out I have rectonal (rectum) prolapse instead. The 1st surgery was for not ! Once I have the 2nd surgery, is there any side effects I should be aware of?

Dec 25, 2015 · Trigeminal neuritis/neuralgia treatment: in Brain & Nervous System

I just joined the discussions here. I had the disease TN. on the right side of my face. The Neuosugeons from UC Davis in Sacramento Ca, (after many surgeries) finally gave me a brain Ritzotomy that cuts 2 out of 3 branches in my face. It ended the pain. I now have numbness and Anastesia Delrosa or burning face syndrome as a complication.. My question is can the TN come back on the other side of the face? I have pain when I chew on the left side.

Dec 28, 2015 · Trigeminal neuritis/neuralgia treatment: in Brain & Nervous System

Hi Colleen

Thanks for your reply. I haven’t seen a Neurologist since my Ritzotomy surgery 5 yrs ago. That is where they have to ‘cut’ 2 out of the 3 nerve branches. The blood vessels hit that nerve thus causing the TN pain. I had tried EVERYTHING. (including the Gamma knife) to no avail. All the surgeries I had…. didn’t work!

Finally they did the Ritizomy. It is hard to explain the Anathesia Delrosa. If you look it up, it will help you understand somewhat. (Try looking up ‘burning mouth syndrome also.)

Do you have AD? Not everyone has it. Did you get nerves cut?

I have chronic back pain also, so thru’ a managed pain clinic, I use Oxycodone for my pain. I also use a Lidocaine 2% external gel for the mouth pain when it burns too badly. I have good days and bad days. The cold weather makes a difference. (I live in Calif, so I don’t what my excuse is.)

I do not recommend opiates however. A mouth guard is what I am going to look into for the AD or burn mouth pain so I quit chomping on my inner cheek. I don’t know what I will do if I haveTN coming back on my left side now. I take Lamictal pills instead of Garabenten. Lamictal calms the cheek pain. It doesn’t make me too sick like the rest of the pills

Best of everything!