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4 days ago · Finally!!!!! in Visiting Mayo Clinic

My experience is that I had a full 4 days of tests of all kinds initially. I stayed in a hotel. I recommend the old hotel across from Gonda. The Grand Kahler, but only if your room is $100 a night. The walking across the street, subway, makes it worthwhile
Book it once you have your patient guide. Rates go up as the dates approach.

I go back annually now, for just a day, 1 or 2 appointment s.

Wed, Mar 6 9:49am · Desperate, in need of guidance in Diabetes/Endocrine System


I had similar issues, and I finally received a diagnosis of myasthenia gravis. I was a big strenuous exercisor, and the disease would flare

See a neurologist, ask for autoimmune disease testing.

Tue, Mar 5 10:46am · Low TSH - Bumped from doctor to doctor in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I struggle with this too.

Get yourself a pillbox, Monday thru Sunday, to track your pills. Track your meds that way, dont forget a dose.

Put a calendar entry on your own calendar, for a tsh test. Every 120 days, contact the dr and request a tsh check. Manage this yourself.

This has helped me.

Thu, Feb 21 7:54am · Rosacea in Autoimmune Diseases

Metrogel and time works for me, stay out of the sun and wind. Keep away doryx , that caused more problems.

Tue, Feb 12 11:00am · Myasthenia Gravis* in Autoimmune Diseases

wholly cow, this discussion was awhile ago. I have officially been diagnosed with ocular MG, but I have had trouble breathing, tingling in my left side, swelling of my feet, tingling in my feet. I also had one episode of difficulty swallowing. I had a terrible flare of MG in the fall, but my eyes are improved, no drooping, just some double vision. I came out here to see how many MG folks we had and if there's a discussion going on. thank you for pointing me this direction with this thread.

Tue, Feb 12 10:34am · ocular myasthenia gravis in Autoimmune Diseases


Anyone else out there suffer from Myasthenia Gravis? Its a frustrating condition. I had to give up cycling because of contracting this condition, I can hardly spell it!

Tue, Feb 12 10:32am · Elevated parathyroid hormone (PTH) in Diabetes/Endocrine System

could you share why your parathyroid hormone was checked? My doctor only requests a TSH test, is that the same? What's parathyroid? I've been on synthroid since 1997, so 20+ years.

Mon, Feb 4 9:49am · Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) and dealing with work in Brain & Nervous System

I'll share that I have attempted to find appropriate employment in the spring, but I have suffered a psychosis they call it every fall when the weather gets hot
My pcp won't sign a form on a physical so I cannot attain certain management positions. I dont want to run a cash register. I have executive experience. So, I have SSDI, and my main role is to maintain my health and advocate for wellness and sanity for everyone.