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Jun 14, 2016 · Yellow gelatinous material in stool few times a week in Digestive Health

Hello all,
I’ve had a strange yellow gelatinous material in my stool for the past few months, on and off, and I see it more often when I have diarrhea. It may happen once a week or more often, not sure, but I just see it more clearly when I have diarrhea, which happens not every day but maybe once a week or so. When my stool is solid, my poop is often a brownish-yellowish color, and I am afraid I may have something.

Here is a picture from today’s stool. My entire diarrhea was yellow and this material was dispersed throughout, and I had a sore throat today as well (unrelated?):


Please let me know what direction I should take. The problem is that I’ve had yellowish stool for months, on and off, but today’s sore throat is a new case, maybe unrelated?