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Feb 25, 2016 · Xeloda in Colorectal Cancer

Hi Sue,

I stopped Xeloda in December and have continued my acupuncture and Chinese herbs and so far have had a normal CEA, but won’t have a scan until June. Hoping everything stays normal. I’m not sure what to tell you. I believe I’ve had success with Vit C and acupuncture and dietary changes, but who really knows what works. Maybe there’s an acupuncturist in your area that specializes in cancer?? Let me know how you are doing!

May 6, 2015 · Xeloda in Colorectal Cancer

I was diagnosed with Stage I colorectal 3/12, Had surgeries and chemo, and was declared NED. Then 12/13 it was back, Stage IV, mets to lung and liver. I’ve had chemo again and am now NED (Thank God), but am on Xeloda, and have been told it was for the rest of my life. I also take Chinese herbs and IV Vitamin C, so don’t really know what has helped. I’m currently taking Xeloda, one week on, one week off : 1000mg BID.

Has anyone else taken Xeloda for a long period of time, and if so, what are the long term side effects. I have painful neuropathy in my feet and would like it to go away!

Thanks for all your help and support (I’m open to any questions about my journey & tricks that I believe have helped me)