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Jul 9, 2016 · I have acid reflux so bad it is coming up into my sinuses in Digestive Health

I,have hiatus hernia too. No *meds helped,, and i now have Cinnamon tea
with a piece of fresh ginger in every morning and have hardly any
problems since*. The Cinnamon i use is the quills (Health Food store)and
must be CEYLON cinnamon. But if you cant get the quills,,Ceylon Cinnamon
power will do, just strain it through a tea strainer after you’ve added hot
water to,it and leave to steep for 5 mins.

Jul 6, 2016 · smelly intentional gas in Digestive Health

I have Crohns disease (But dont suffer badly with it anymore) and i had the same problem a few years ago. My gastro at Barts in London diagnosed bacteria overgrowth. I Was eating a lot of green leafy veg as I thought it was healthy and good fibre etc. But my bowel couldn’t process it, so,it just built up,and fermented, consequently awful,foul smelling,and hot!, gas. I was put on an anti biotics for a couple of weeks to,kill it,off (I took a good Symbiotic at the same time) and stopped eating all the greens. Now i avoid leafy green veg. There are,plenty of other veggies and fruit i can eat and my dietician is happy with it.

Apr 20, 2015 · Crohn's disease and balance issues - is there a connection? in Digestive Health

Hi, thank you. no quite understand. I am more wanting info on any
connection and experiences of others, and if any have found relief with any
treatments they have had that I may not know about. there seems to be very
little knowledge on vestibular problems in he UK and a lot is based on
guesswork, so just wanted to lok at the connection of central nervous
system. Will look forward to any helpful Input? thanks

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Apr 20, 2015 · Crohn's disease and balance issues - is there a connection? in Digestive Health

Hi, I,m new to site, so thanks for having me! I have Crohn’s diseas since 25 yrs age. Am now 66. No real bad problems with it as such in my older years. food,sensitivity to high fibre which creates spasms and discomfort. But need to ask about possible connection with something I,ve developed,4 years ago e, Vertigo/balance problems. it would seem to be a kind of Vestibular problem and have had various ,treatments’ that basically involve VRT exercises (drugs either did not work or made worse), but these do not help at all. I have noticed that when my gut is playing up, it exacerbates my vertigo symptoms and when I asked my Gastro consultant here in London at Barts why this is he said It is probably due to the central nervous system, as in it is all connected.,,He doesn,t seem to be very au fait with the vestibular side of things though, so I wondered if anyone could shine a light on this connection as I am desperate for an answer to this problem which has quite frankly messed up my life as it also creates extreme exhaustion. many thanks..