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Mar 31, 2017 · Kidney transplant - process for being a living donor in Transplants

It took a year because I have multiple arteries and we had to switch hospitals. The first transplant center said they couldn’t do so we got a second opinion at the Indiana University transplant center. It took several months to get approved and scheduled, then I caught a bad cold and we had to reschedule for a month later.
They need to make sure both the donor and the recipient are in good health, so all of the tests take some time. It good be different at your transplant center. I wanted to go to Mayo because I know someone else who goes there and had her transplant there, but it was too far for the recipient. Having it done and recovering by July does not sound do-able to me, but talk to your coordinator!

Best of Luck!

Feb 20, 2017 · Can a cold or ear infection delay getting a transplant? in Transplants

I had to have my surgery postponed as a living donor when I came down with a cold. The biggest concern was that I developed a cold sore, which is a form of herpes. The cold sore had to be completely gone before I could undergo the procedure. My Dr. put me on a round of antibiotics for the cold just to be safe. I had the procedure two weeks ago. My transplant coordinator told me that they wanted me in the best health possible.

Feb 20, 2017 · Kidney transplant - process for being a living donor in Transplants

Hi @lovelly2017 – I recently donated a kidney to one of my friends. It’s normal to feel nervous and scared. Use the resources available at your hospital to discuss your concerns. The process took us almost a year, she was on dialysis prior to the procedure. I had the surgery three weeks ago and am still in the recovery stages. The feeling I get from helping her live live greatly outweighs my discomfort. I hope you are a match for your son! Keep us updated 🙂

Mar 24, 2016 · Chronic Abdominal Bloating and Pain in Digestive Health

You can go into Ketosis on a paleo diet as well. I suggest everyone go to a Dr or nutritionist first. There are health reasons why this wouldn’t work for everyone. In my case, I wasn’t getting everything I needed for my body to function well and support my health problems. Everyone should eliminate sugar as much as possible. Sugar in some form is in so many foods that we eat it can be tough. Carbs aren’t totally bad for a few reasons. The main reason I have to have some carbs is to maintain thyroid health.


Mar 23, 2016 · Living Kidney Donor Advice in Transplants

I spoke to her a bit about the hospital choice last fall when we first talked about me donating. She is someone I know from being neighbors at the RV park we stay at in the summer, so it isn’t anonymous. There are 500 people in my area waiting for a kidney and I know in larger metropolitan areas the number is in the thousands. I hope by donating it will show people that they can continue to live a normal life while helping to save someone else’s.

Hello Gregory! Kudos to you!

Mar 22, 2016 · Chronic Abdominal Bloating and Pain in Digestive Health

Hi Guys-
As a person who has suffered from IBS and is now almost 100% symptom free, I would like to tell you how I got better. The first thing I did was change my diet to Paleo, but that didn’t solve everthing. I did start to feel better though. First of all, I stopped going to my GP for IBS and went to an Integrative Medicine Dr. (in Fort Wayne, IN) who also has a nutritionist. The GP only treated symptoms, not the unlying causes. Next, I kept a food diary and wrote down how I felt after every meal/snack for one month. I took the food diary with me to the nutritionist and she looked at what I was eating and also how it made me feel. Then, I was tested for food allergies and sensitivities. The nutritionist gave me specific lists of food I needed to avoid and foods that I needed to incorporate more. The next visits were with one week food diaries and my diet was further tweaked based on the results of testing and reaction to foods on my list. I have other reasons for some of my food eliminations, so I won’t go on about exactly what I eat, because it will be different for everyone. Our bodies tell us what they don’t like, we just need to listen!

I am now dairy free, sugar free, gluten free (Gluten affects Antibody associated with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism), and yeast free with carbs in moderation. The biggest take away is that I no longer take medicine for IBS (Prilosec 20mg twice per day). I no longer get bloated, unless I eat things that I should not be eating. My stomach is healed now, so eating a little bit of the bad food has a less dramatic effect on my body. Lastly, I lost 15 lbs and have successfully kept it off and continue to lose at a very slow rate as time goes on.

I recommend that everyone seek out a good Integrative medicine doctor who treats patients with both prescription and holistic medicines, and one who tests beyond the normal laboratory tests. I take the probiotics that some have mentioned. These are also individual, you have to find the ones that work for you. If you can find the root cause of your discomfort, you will feel so much better!

Thanks for listening,

Edit* I am also pain free, I no longer take arthritis medications, because all of the swelling was causing me joint pain as well!

Mar 22, 2016 · Living Kidney Donor Advice in Transplants

Living Kidney Donor Advice

Is anyone there able to offer advice for a living kidney donor? I am in the
process of being approved to donate and I am having some unsettling
feelings about the recipient’s choice of hospitals. She is a patient at
Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne, IN. I have never had anything done at this
hospital, but the facility seems to be a bit older than some. I looked at
their rate of success and it was only 84% compared to a national average of
over 90%. The transplant coordinator told me that they had a review team
come in and they changed some of their practices and that the number should
go up next time they publish. Should I be concerned about the facility? I
have a family member who had her transplants done at Mayo, so my confidence
is high for Mayo Clinic.
Thanks so much!