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4 days ago · So many questions: How do I clean our home to prevent reinfection? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@sharingiscaring I, too, have lost some hearing. Hoping to get hearing aids soon. It's a tough disease, you have to work at feeling better. Good tips on this forum. Wishing you well.

Mon, Jan 6 3:27pm · Percussion Vests in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@rits If all else fails you can apply for a job in the circus.

Mon, Jan 6 3:24pm · Percussion Vests in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@sueinmn Thank you for the thought. Both the shoemaker and Velcro are good ideas. I'll let you know.


Could you relate how iron is involved with MAC. Thanks, Flib

Sat, Jan 4 5:21pm · Percussion Vests in MAC & Bronchiectasis

So, I got my vest. Had some difficulty. My hands are not strong enough to snap open the three chest straps. I found it quite heavy. But, I'm going to soldier on because I'm so tired of being tired.I think manufacturers do not think of older people when they design and women usually do not have hands as strong as men. I also wonder if all the shaking is entirely good for one. . It's noisy, and not totaly unpleasant but I've only just started so I'll stick with it to see if it makes a difference. That and the nebulizing take quite a chunk out ot the day…worth it if it improves breathing. Flib

Thu, Jan 2 5:03pm · Percussion Vests in MAC & Bronchiectasis

No, but add me;I'm being fitted tomorrow.

Dec 24, 2019 · Saline nebulized inhalation in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@ rits I was not able to continue on the 7% saline as my doctor correctly predicted. I can't do Arkayce either. I'm on the 3% saline which I sometimes turn off in order to cough or get my breath. It lets me feel more in control. I've also just been approve for a flutter vest which I hope to get soon. I faithfully neb twice a day, no matter the difficulty. If I don't, I feel pretty bad. Don't give up

Dec 14, 2019 · ClearLungs effective? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@poodledoc Sorry, I hate it when people use terms I don't get. TM is transcendental meditation, relaxes and clears the mind and it's easy to do, no concentration…in fact, the opposite. You learn from a TM teacher. I've done it for 40 years, I'm 83 and it is probably the most helpful thing I've ever done for myself. When I first learned it, it had a huge impact. I got up and cleaned the house and went out and got a PHD. I'm a clinical psychologist. Wishing you well. Flib