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Mar 25, 2015 · Webinar: Screening and Prevention for Colon Cancer in Cancer

Hello! Perhaps this issue will be covered in the webinar, but I wanted to make sure it gets out there. As far as I know, most current guidelines recommend first colonoscopy at age 50 if asymptomatic. In short, my paternal grandfather was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer that had already metastisized extensively to his mandible. In fact, his first and only symptom at that time was numbness in his jaw. There was no obvious blood in stool as his colon cancer was flat. I’ve often wonder if he’d be alive today if he’d only had an early colonoscopy. He died at age 60. His mother, my paternal greatgrandmother, died from colon cancer in her mid 70s. I have had to fight like hell to have colonoscopies at ages 30, 35, and 40. All of my scopes have been unremarkable, but my father began having numerous precancerous polyps removed in his early 40s. Isn’t reasonable to begin screening my family by age 30 or 40?? Thanks