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Dec 30, 2014

Thank you so much for the link- and for your concern, i very much
appreciate you- thank you again.

Dec 28, 2014

my sister has recently been diagnosed with ALS and already she is losing the ability to drink water without coming out and has been losing the ability to communicate, forming words, is there anything anything at all that can help her-

Dec 28, 2014 · What do I do if I want to go on vacation? What [...] in Brain & Nervous System

some care centers that specialize with alzheimers may be willing to do short term respite care, there are also many in home health agencies that are there for you, just depending on where you are. don’t feel like you are alone, is sometimes harder to care for family than non family, there is help out there, just see what facilities, or companies are available for you. it will help to even have them come in for showering as a help for you, there are many things they can help with.

Dec 28, 2014 · Chiari Malformation in Brain & Nervous System

my sister had a similar circumstance, it was in spinal column at base of brain with a 50 50 chance to do surgery or not and survive doctors went in and successfully removed it, that was 5 yrs ago