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Fri, Oct 4 9:06am · Left Bundle Branch Block in Heart Rhythm Conditions

The past 7 years I have dealt with serious health issues, cervical fusion, RA, Barrett’s Esophagus with dysplasia, CSF leak from ruptured peri neural cysts, major spinal surgery to treat the leaks. I continue to have right sided pressure. In June I failed a pre-op EKG. I was diagnosed with LBBB. I have seen a cardiologist who advised “wait and watch.” He prescribed no medication. My pulse ranges from 39 to 112, O2 sats 89-96. Some days are OK and I stay in the high 40s – 105. I struggle to be active, but my “active” is a far cry from myself 7 years ago. I will see the cardiologist in 4 weeks. I want to treat the LBBB; it’s exhausting. Any advice is welcome.

Dec 2, 2014 · pachymeningitis in Brain & Nervous System

I am being worked up for pachymeningitis. It was diagnosed by MRI while looking for the cause of hearing loss. It is complicated by also having Rheumtoid arthritis. I have constant pressure and headache. My neurologist is aggressively looking for the cause. He has had one other patient who unlike me was asymptomatic. I am awaiting results of CTs and MRIs. My next step is to consult a rheumatologist at a major university teaching/research hospital. I have no recommendations at yet. I would like to stay in contact with you. This is a lonely journey