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Sep 7, 2018 · Losing hope in Depression & Anxiety

I am bipolar so know what you are going through. I am on medication as well. I am 65. For the most part I have been stable for the past couple of years. I am also an alcoholic. I see a psychologist twice a week and my psychiatrist every six weeks. I also go to a group called Dual Recovery Anonymous (DRA) To join you need to be an alcoholic or drug addiction or a compulsive Overeater plus a mental disorder such as you have, depression or bipolar like myself. The group helps. Just like diabetis like I have people can learn to manage their psychiatric illness. Does not mean I won't have symptoms once in awhile but if I talk about the symptoms and share with my doctors I can get through it. You can do it also. I Don't know how this works but if you are able to send me a message contact me anytime. I am in Illinois.

Oct 3, 2014 · I was in the Pain Rehabilitation Center for three weeks for chronic pain in Chronic Pain

I was in the Pain Rehabilitation Center for three weeks for chronic pain. I got home September 18, 2014
After being home for three days I was admitted to a hospital here at home for septic arthritis. A very serious infection caused by bacteria and extremely painful. I will not go into details if you want to learn more about it you can Google what is septic arthritis or just put in septic arthritis. My point in writing today is I am grateful that this happened after I was at the Pain Rehabilitation Center and that it happened at home. What I learned at PRC has helped me to continue to work my way through this. It has modified my schedule as to what I thought it would be but I am able to do that. Today I can do things in moderation and modification.