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Jun 18, 2018 · Peripheral neuropathy, RLS and PLMD in Neuropathy

I just want to comment here that perhaps you have more than neuropathy alone going on. You may have some muscle atrophy, there are also tendons and all kinds of things that can go wrong in the feet. I too have neuropathy at least to the waist and beyond, perhaps to the neck? There's a giant spot in my back that has no feeling and it extends to the shoulder blade. Mine was a rapid progressing neuropathy and it is more pronounced if edema is present.

Jun 18, 2018 · Peripheral neuropathy, RLS and PLMD in Neuropathy

Even with dealing with seizures, there still is medicine for you.. not only in pill form. They have a machine that slowly raises and lowers the legs to really help some folks but there are at least 4 really, really good meds out there and one of the drugs is called pramapexole or the name brand would be mirapex. You can start with such a small little bit, Ive known people to just munch a tiny sliver of the pill and have that work. Also Requip… those are the drugs that help transport the dopamine from the brain down into the spine so it can be used to relax those legs. That's the main problem, our brains have plenty of dopamine, it just doesn't make it where it needs to go to work for us. Gabbapentin can pull double duty but it's a little less effective with RLS than some of the newer drugs. My max was 2700mg and I met some people that did 3400 but they didn't feel very well. You MUST follow your doctors orders. Gaba's powers are too great for a friend to advise you.. it's good stuff for painful neuropathy.

Jun 16, 2018 · Peripheral neuropathy, RLS and PLMD in Neuropathy

With the true definition of Restless legs being the URGE to move the legs. No matter how hard I am trying to sleep the legs and feet are just not comfortable and I am trying to find "the spot" to rest them finally! It happens to me while in the car on trips and it happens just sitting with the family watching the tele. It seems the more desire to keep the legs still, the worse the URGE TO MOVE the legs becomes. Most of the time the only way to relieve the awful feeling of MUST MOVE THE LEGS is to get up and walk, walk, walk and walk some more around the house usually dragging myself because I am mostly asleep or angry because I had to miss time that I wanted to watch a show or play a game or we have even had to stop the car so I can get up and walk.. It causes sleep deprivation, it causes us to do silly things like sleeping with soap or wrapping legs in plastic – if it works and its not harmful, then go for it!!! As for the rest of us there are some really fast working prescription medicines that I have not found to interact with other meds. They have side effects that you need to watch for such as "some" swollen ankles with some and urge to gamble or be sexually active more so.. but I have yet to meet someone that is affected by the last warning… lol. I have been helping people deal with RLS and PLMD for a few years now. I follow and sometimes consult a great Do in southern CA that specializes in RLS. He is a blessing to all that have gone to see him. =) He does run a web sight to give the very best suggestions and he answers
questions. I gave you enough information to find him. I am not cured, there is no cure but a certain little pill saved me from this beast. Augmentation is
one word that everyone wants to learn about before starting the pills.. sometimes you need a holiday from the drugs and then I have to rely on heavy duty narcotic drugs for the night time – 4pm starting time. Its just for 2 months. You can also rotate several of the drugs that stop RLS.. that doesn't work well on me. For some, it works well. Learn that many of the drugs used to Stop the pain of neuropathy do actually cause RLS and when stopped, it goes away after a month or two. Many, many found this out. Lyrica, Gabapentin is NOT on the list as of today's date. Lyrica is sometimes tried as a med to stop RLS.
I am not a medical professional, I am not giving medical advice. I am only sharing my experience as an everyday person.