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Sun, Aug 25 8:04pm · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

I have found that I can eat potatoes without the skin, and potato chips. The skins of potatoes have fructans in them (chains of fructose). Also, for some reason quick oatmeal is much better tolerated than regular, so that might be worth a try. If you can drink wine, you can probably eat potatoes without the skin and quick oats.

Sun, Aug 25 1:07am · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

Fructose is in all fruit, the majority of vegetables, lots of spices and herbs, wheat, barley, etc. Wheat contains the chains of fructose called fructans and these are also a problem. As you say, the best way to control the symptoms is to avoid the foods that cause them.

Sat, Aug 24 9:53pm · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

The doctor I initially saw is no longer at Mayo in Rochester. The one I've seen since then is Dr. Grover, and he is very good.
Regarding dieticians, I've seen many including at Mayo and none were any help because they said I should be able to eat things I couldn't. One locally didn't charge me because she said I know more than she does about fructose malabsorption. FM is a new area. There are lots of tips is this fm discussion list, like diet and recipes on I believe page 5, and identifying sugars in drugs and supplements. Some people with fm can tolerate a lot more sugar than others; I fall in the category of not being able to digest any including artificial sweeteners. I put up the diet and recipes, so that would be a good place to start until you know your degree of limitations Regarding FODMAP diet, that is a big no-no for me; can't even eat at the level they start you at let alone "reintroduce" any other foods on their list.. Regarding SIBO, once you quit eating so many foods with sugars you can't digest, the SIBO bacteria won't have anything to eat fermenting in your intestines. Also, once you no longer have the constipation and bloating the SIBO should improve. If you read through this entire fm discussion from page one you will find a lot of your questions are answered. Good Luck. Lelia

Fri, Aug 23 11:55am · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

I've never heard of sucrose intolerance. Will have to to some research. Since sucrose is a combination of fructose and glucose, have you been tested for fructose malabsorption? I have fm and cannot tolerate sucrose or glucose.

Fri, Aug 2 2:35pm · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

Undigested food fermenting in the small intestine is probably small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Have you been diagnosed with that?

Fri, Aug 2 2:33pm · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

Sounds like you have fm; could get a second opinion.

Thu, Aug 1 11:07pm · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

No need to apologize! Welcome! Definitely you can have a delayed reaction! Especially in the case of fructans (chains of fructose) but also with fructose. For me if delayed it is usually 8 hours or so, so I eat iffy things in the morning. I find a reaction depends partly on how much fructose/fructans is already in my system. If I have closely followed the diet for three of more days I can usually get away with eating something I couldn't if I'd eaten something I shouldn't have the day before. It is very difficult to find a pattern; it took me about 10 years. Why don't you try the diet I've listed in this fm discussion section? I think it is on about page 5. Fructose is in tons of stuff. You may need a _no_ fructose diet; that's the case with me for the most part. I can't even digest artificial sugars. Best of luck.

Thu, Aug 1 6:04pm · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

Hang in there! You do adjust over time and even get so you don't want sweets because you know the awful side effects they will cause. There's a lot of info in this fm discussion from the beginning, including foods to eat/not eat, finding drugs and supplements that are ok, etc. Your message reminds me of all the food I had to throw out also. My husband still eats sweets he buys ( I don't make any), but he doesn't eat them around me which is nice.