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Fri, Apr 12 12:41pm · Severe Bloating and Distention in Digestive Health

Harmonyin has a good point. Boost would be especially bad if you have fructose malabsorption, because it has sugar(s) in it. So does Ensure. Have you tried plain chicken broth made from scratch? Best, Lelia

Sat, Apr 6 2:08pm · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

Just made a new discovery. I made beef pot roast and it bothered my stomach when it shouldn't have. I had cooked it in the oven 3 hours but it was still on the tough side so I thought that might be the problem. So, I made another roast a couple weeks later and cooked it 5 hours in the oven. It was very tender but bothered my stomach even more. Plus, it had a slightly strange taste. I remember seeing somewhere on the internet that people with fm have trouble digesting iron. Voila! I had made both roasts in a cast iron dutch oven. While frying potatoes or doing something else quickly in cast iron doesn't introduce much iron, cooking a pot roast in liquid for a long period of time introduces a lot!

Thu, Apr 4 8:34pm · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

I am so sorry to hear about your son's problem. Regarding fructans, they are in lots of "skins", I think, whether potato skins, grain hulls (e.g. brown rice), nut "skins" (like almonds with the brown coating still on them). I have not found the L-alanine to be that helpful for fructans, but it is with fructose (but not a cure-all by any means). I still can't eat any sugar to speak of, but it helps with potato chips (which I eat a lot of for energy), an occasional baby carrot, etc. I take probably 6 – 8 tsp per day, after I eat the food or drug. I weigh 108 pounds, if that helps. Don't know if you can get too much of it; it is naturally used in the body. I dissolve it in hot water first; otherwise it is gritty and can feel irritating to the stomach. I put the 8 tsp in a canning jar with about 1" of water and microwave it as long as a hot beverage. When done, I take it out, stir it well, and then add the rest of the water, basically 2 c. I drink 2-3 swallows after eating the possibly problematic thing, more if I think necessary. Regarding dietitians, I haven't had much luck. Forget the FODMAP stuff; too much sugar. Plain food should be ok. Watch the spices. I posted a lot on these FM discussion pages about what to eat and not eat, sugars in drugs, etc. If you take a look at that you'd have a good place to start. If you want to try something questionable, just do one thing at a time. Good luck, and if you have any more questions, just ask.

Wed, Apr 3 9:05pm · Severe Bloating and Distention in Digestive Health

Hi Elaine, I have the same results. Anything dairy has lactose in it even though they say something is lactose free. And, the Lactaid doesn't help. Probably a good idea to stop the lactose-free ice cream. Hope you can find something you can eat! Lelia

Sun, Mar 31 4:03pm · Severe Bloating and Distention in Digestive Health

Elaine, I admire you perseverance and resolve! Best of luck with the Mayo apptment….CL@lelia

Sun, Mar 31 3:52pm · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

Low FODMAP diet has a lot of sugar in it, even the "maintenance" dose before you start reintroducing more FODMAPS. I can't eat any FODMAP foods to speak of. Brown rice hulls have chains of fructose in them called fructans, so you might want to switch to white rice. Carrots, cucumber and lettuce have sugars in them. Most vegetables do have sugar in them. If you read through this entire fm discussion entry you may get some ideas of what to take/eat. For example, I tell the brands of the drugs and supplements (including calcium) I take that may work for you as well. Again, good luck!

Sun, Mar 31 2:00pm · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

I'm so sorry you're still having problems. What you don't eat sound so familiar! I posted a diet and recipes further up the pages in fructose malabsorption, and also info re sugars in drugs and supplements. Omeprazole has sugar in it; that probably isn't helping It's possible you might also have lactose intolerance and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. After over 13 years I finally got to a point where I am stable with the fm, so started this fm discussion to help others in the same predicament. Hopefully you can find some answers and get it under control!

Sun, Mar 31 1:54pm · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

If you have a mild case of fructose malabsorption the main symptom could be excessive gas, I think. I have an extreme case, and before it was diagnosed I had so much gas I had "explosive" belching. Also had other symptoms as well, many of which could be related to the gas like GERD, bloating, etc. Good thing you are going to a GI doctor.