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Sep 6, 2014 · Diagnosed with stage four colon cancer, no chance of surgery in Cancer

was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer it has moved into my liver my cea started at 233 at time of diagnoses there was no chance of surgery read where small percentage become operable after chemo my cea 5weeks ago was 9 have has 4 treatments cense and 2 to go primary tumor has shrunk and liesions on liver have shrunk by almost 50 percent doctor was talking aboput seeing if i could be operated on 5 weeks ago has not preformed any test or mentioned it sence more worried about weather or not i have last will and testiment hes schedule cea and cat scan at end of my treatment if hes not going to do anything else for how could i go about seeing if i can be operated on thinking my next cea will be normal wich would be time to operate dont no how long it will stay normal after treatment what do i do i really want [primary tumur out even if surgery is potentially fatal