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Jul 31, 2014 · Currently, I am on Cipro for 6 months due to reoccurring UTIs [...] in Kidney & Bladder

Currently, I am on Cipro for 6 months due to reoccurring UTIs and Kidney infections. (Also was on Ceftin, Chephlex, Macrobid, and Doxycycline since May). I also have left abdominal pain/discomfort and constant full feeling/pressure under my left ribs at the bottom of the rib cage. I get nauseous when I eat, and it can hurt more when I eat and drink. There is a spot when pressed on (left mid abdomen) the hurts worse. Sometimes my left ovary/hip area will have a sharp pain from time to time and once or twice a burning sensation in my belly button. Abdomen is swollen. Dr. tried me on Nexium and Bentyl. Made it worse. I get sick regularly since I have been little for long periods of time with illnesses like encephalitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, Mono, swine flu, pneumonia, kidney infections ( hospitalized once for 5days then on Tetracycline for 6 months. I can run low grade fevers for months without reason and my blood pressure can drop w to 85/60 without reason. My Dr. Is perplexed.