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Jul 12, 2014 · I am a 63/yr w/f. I have had pain in the left kidney area since last Friday. in Kidney & Bladder

No my doctor didn\’t bother to tell me the first year, I picked up lab reports for another doctor I went to this year that is when I learned about it, then my primary care doctor looked back and said yes you were stage 3 last year also. he does not consider anything a big deal. I get blown off on everything.

May 22, 2014 · I am a 63/yr w/f. I have had pain in the left kidney area since last Friday. in Kidney & Bladder

I am a 63/yr w/f .I have had pain in the left kidney area since last Friday. I got up Friday morning and went to BR and voided bloody urine. I checked the next few times I went to the BR no further bleeding I figured it was probably a stone and maybe i would pass it. I hurt, Fri, Sat, Sun. Mon.( Tues, no pain) Wed the pain returned , I saw my regular GP on Wed he said get a CT scan. I can’t afford co pay the only way I can get this is going through the ER. Thursday I have felt bad all day long, the pain left flank area as well as lower on left abdominal area, had nausea and sweating. I consume a lot of fluid each day. That is not voided out. I am stage 3 kidney failure – my Dr. says that is not bad, I have had a UTI infection for 3 months I just out last week when I saw the Dr treating me for auto immune illness, she noticed it in the blood work, she had performed the first part of Feb. I had some surgery ( Vaginal surgery in 2012 with Pathology report of Squamous cell grade ll, I looked this up and read well I learned that squamous cell grade lll usally is to the kidney. I am one of the thousands of women who suffer problems from the mesh in my body after bladder surgery. It is still in me. Only one doctor acknowledged it was a problem in 2012 and now a new OB in 2014. Do I just go get a CT, for the doctor that thinks my Kidney Faolure stage lll is nothing to be concerned about he also saw the blood work 3 months ago and saw what would have included a uti, and did not treat me, the Dr. For auto Immune is not treating the UTI, yesterday my primary finally wrote a script since I asked why no one was, and that my urine stinks. I don’t feel like I am getting medical help. What has gone wrong in the US Health care. I use to be a nurse and we certainly did a much better job caring for patients in my nursing years . I felt to bad to go get the CT or go anywhere further than my couch today. Any advise out there ?