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16 hours ago · Sjogrens in Autoimmune Diseases

The literature for CIDP is at the website for GBS/CIDP foundation.org . I had GBS when I was a child and CIDP suspected as an adult. I took ivig several years ago and it helped some. Zenk

1 day ago · Sjogrens in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi Geneseos, I have Sjogrens too. I have neuropathy in my feet and lower leg. I am going to a Neurologist in April . How did you get your diagnosis of "Small Fiber Neuropathy" . What are your symptoms? Were there any conclusive test for the diagnosis.
I have been taking Gabapentin at night and pain killers in the day. Do you take anything other than IVIG ?
Wish the IG would help you. Have you looked at any of the CIDP literature? Thanks so much, Zenk

1 day ago · Sjogrens in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi Geneseos

Sat, Mar 16 4:32pm · Prednisone in Digestive Health

Regarding Prednisone , I have had to take prednisone in some dosage for the last 40 yrs. I have UCTD and asthma.chronically. On a lighter note, A great GP that took care of me over many years, who is now retired said to me at many of my appointments with him " We will write on your tombstone: She has great bones, due to the fact that she never wanted to take prednisone". A necessary evil for me. Best to all, Zenk

Mon, Mar 11 6:42pm · Prednisone in Digestive Health

Thanks Rosemary, I had the very same experience tapering in the low doses of Pred. Thanks so much, Zenk

Mon, Mar 11 6:33pm · Possible Drug allergy ? in Skin Health

Hi Ethan, Yes I went to my dermatologist in January. She thought it was from the MScontin 15 mg that I take for chronic pain, The reduction of sulfate to 10 mg. per day has helped some but it is still there to some extent. I do not want to take another opiate.
A big problem for people attempting to come off morphine sulfate er is that after one reduces to 10 mg Kadian 10 mg er tab. there is no lesser dosage available in pill form for people to step down in dosage.. If I completely stop the sulfate drug I will experience withdrawal symptoms for at least 6 weeks. Thanks for asking . Zenk

Mon, Feb 25 6:06pm · Possible Drug allergy ? in Skin Health

Wonder if anyone has developed severe skin reaction to Morphine Sulfate? I only take 10 mg per day for pain. After three years on this medication I have developed intermittent red itching burning patches of unraised skin. It comes and goes throughout the day. The morphine sulfate is extended release so I can't connect when I take it to the appearance of the rash. I can't just stop the drug or I will experience withdrawal symptoms. Any one have allergy to MS contin ?

Mon, Feb 4 7:03pm · Livedoid vasculopathy in Skin Health

Hi ayy, tThe preferred treatment for Lividoid Vasculopathy is Xarelto which is a blood thinner. You must be sure that you indeed have LV. The diagnosis is confirmed with a punch biopsie near an LV ulcer. If your dermatologist did the biopsie, you should perhaps trial on Xarelto under your doctors care.Lividoid vasculopathyt is a vascular disease of the very small vessels . That is wehy blood thinning works well for many of us. Zenk