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Wed, Oct 9 3:32pm · After effects of heavy antibiotics in Digestive Health

I have to take Amoxicillin before a dentist appointment and get very exhausted for quite a while and my legs ache. I’m on Amoxicillin for a dog bite and have to take 7000 mg. I am exhausted. Any ideas about anything that could help.

Aug 5, 2017 · Ulcerative colitis in Digestive Health

I am looking for information of Entiviyo for UC. What are side effects that real people have suffered?

Feb 11, 2015 · Webinar: Congenital Heart Disease – What Patients Need to Know in Heart & Blood Health

Hi Holly…I also had Open Heart Surgery at Mayo a Clinic for Ebstein’s Anomaly. Dr. Dearani and Dr. Warnes were my doctors. I would like to hear from you. gsue37@yahoo.com