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Jul 30, 2013 · Jock Itch Expert Needed in Men's Health

Id apreciate anyones thoughts on this if they have time.

I think I have a severe case of Jock Itch and looking for expert help on what to try next as its having a serious mental affect on me. I have had it for 6 weeks, I have now stopped playing all sport and do not even want to leave the room.

Try to cut this short,

6 weeks ago, small heat rash, had protected sex but girl told me she got some kind of yeast problem.

My rash developed into a ring around my scrotum and some on the foreskin.

I tried Canesten duo Fluconazole and Clotrimazole. 2 weeks, just rash relief.

My doctor then prescribed Miconazole 2 weeks, again just rash relief.

I am now trying terbinafine for a few days and still no change.

I also noticed a rash spead incredibly quickly this morning around my foreskin bright red patches, having a slight effect where i pass urine.

My scrotum has also gone very tough, hardish, describe as type of lizard skin or something!!

The itch is incredibly severe, i put the cream on at night but by 4am I have to get up. It is so bad. I try to keep the area as try as possible, and wash towels daily. I also have been using Appel Cider Vinegar.

What else can I do, I fear I will now lose my Gf, and friends, and never be back in sport. Are there any experts out there.