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Jul 7, 2013 · Chiari Malformation type 1 in Brain & Nervous System

Thank you trouse. I have been to one Nero surgeon and three neurologist in the past year. The worst was that I found out my dx by reading my MRI report not by my dr. So I got sick of him and found a dr who has dealt with it before. When I saw the surgeon he said I didn’t need the surgery, but when I saw my new dr he said that I needed surgery ASAP other wise I was a sneeze away from being paralyzed. So now I’m going to the mayo clinic in AZ. He put me on a bunch of meds and I still get no relief. I have been dealing with severe headaches everyday for over a year. How long did it take you before someone believed you about your pain and symptoms? I’m really glad that your doing so great. Here in AZ there are not a lot of specialist. I guess we will see what mayo has to say.

Jun 19, 2013 · Chiari Malformation type 1 in Brain & Nervous System


I’ve been reading all the post on chiari and wondered if anyone has a good out come of the surgery. I have been to 4 neurologist and 1 surgeon and keep getting different answers. 3 drs say I don’t need surgery and the last one said that i really need it or could be paralyzed by any straining. I have a headache all the time and can barely function. Balance problems, numbness and burning in my hands and legs My hurn. Is only 5mm. Any advise? Thank you.