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Sep 20, 2013 · I just need some answers!!! Please help me!!! in About Kids & Teens

Look into MS.. Amyloidosis also I have been having debilitating syncope episodes and now seizures for 4 years and 9 specialists later with no diagnosis… I’m sorry what’s happening to u

Sep 20, 2013 · Headaches/tremors with memory loss in Brain & Nervous System

Well I have been going through very similar symptoms for almost 4 years now. I have syncope episodes no doc can figure out. I have been to 9 specialist and also am contemplating going to Mayo.. I’m sorry but when doctors don’t know what’s wrong they claim its stress, anxiety, or depression. If your son is sick, you fight and don’t take stress as an answer. I finally am getting some not so warming answers like possible MS, or seizures, or amyloidosis. Consider seeing an infectious disease doctor because I work with animals and there is a lot of nasty parasites and bacteria they can pick up.. If other classmate has this too, get any info u can.. If they hang together and were.. Any swimming in warm water recently?

May 16, 2013 · Right side pain in Digestive Health

Hello I am right there with u… I have not been diagnosed with IBS but I also have been telling my doctor for 4 years that I have blood in my stool and nothing has been done about it.. And for 4 years now I pass out and lose consciousness for no reason. I was not told about the cyst on my left liver lobe by any doctor until I had them fax all my scans to me with the reports saying so… This is not normal.. I am now seeing an endocrinologist who said to me that all my doctors think I’m crazy! But I asked him about a parasite.. I work in the vet field and I know of some parasites that can cause symptoms to mimic IBS. Good idea to consider if u have pets or eat undercooked food like sushi.

Apr 30, 2013 · Syncope, low B12, chronic fatigue in Brain & Nervous System

Thank u I looked up this disease as well. My dr seemed to think it was an endocrine disorder but all tests came back normal … Yet again another dead end..

Apr 19, 2013 · Syncope, low B12, chronic fatigue in Brain & Nervous System

OK, I am 25 years old and gave birth in 2008 to my daughter. My first symptom occurred at work while standing. I felt very hot and started to see small black dots and in seconds I was unconscious laying on the floor. I fainted for the first time in my life. I felt very shaky and weak after the syncope. Shortly after that I started fainting regularly every month then every week. I went to my primary care physician and she ran some tests that said my vitamin b 12 levels were very low. My C- reactive protein was slightly high and my monocytes were elevated. She started me on B 12 injections monthly. But they were still too low. I have maintained my levels with biweekly injections. During this time I went to a neurologist, cardiologist. I also developed ADD. Severe confusion and inability to concentrate and coordinate things. Extremely frustrating! Especially in my line of work as a vet tech. I was put on adderall which helps me with focusing but when meds wear off i struggle. I am not overweight and I am not a vegetarian. . Over the past 4 years I have had a lot of strange new symptoms syncope, collapse, elevated D-dimer (had pluerisy ), multiple large lumps in my breasts ( fibroadenomas) that cause excruciating pain for months at a time, chronic fatigue, muscle and back pain, cloudy strong odor with urine( u/a results all normal), blood in stool for 3 years, joint pain( knees, wrists and ankles) , vision changes (blurred vision ), low sex drive, headaches( mostly sharp pain on left side of my head), dizziness, hypotension, sudden loss of appetite hours after adderal has worn off, bloating, constipation, severe mood swings (severe anger and agitation) , chronic feeling to always crack my wrists and ankles( feel stiff),nausea without vomiting, chewing inside of my cheeks??? I get sick quite often too. I NEED HELP and no doctor can seem to help me. They seem to think I am young and these problems will pass but it’s been 4 years now and I feel like I can’t go anymore. I just want a doctor who is going to go the extra mile and not just assume. But can’t seem to find those old school doctors anywhere any more.. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!