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Mar 6, 2013 · Anyone here have Fuch's Dystrophy? in Eye Conditions

Thanks for the quick response, Bettyann.

I am in total agreement with you that a 2nd opinion will be most helpful. I think we’re best off visiting an ophthalmologist who does not specialize in the most profitable arms (cataracts and LASIK) but primarily in overall eye health. It seems as if many doctors protect one another.

Ultimately, we need to get a correct diagnosis for my husband, but aren’t doing anything until after his 3-week checkup (next week).

Good luck on getting that surgery, and please let those here know more about it. Are transplant cells readily available, so that the surgery can proceed quickly…or is there a waiting list?

Mar 5, 2013 · Anyone here have Fuch's Dystrophy? in Eye Conditions

I hope I’m not too late to this discussion. My husband (now 64) had LASIK about 8 years ago and had reasonably good vision since. Late last year he was advised he needed cataract surgery. He had his lenses replaced 3 weeks ago (right eye) and 2 weeks ago. After the first surgery, we were reluctant to go through with a second one, but the doctor convinced us it would have a far better result since my husband’s right eye has an anomaly on the retina. Since the surgery, his right eye cannot focus on anything most of the time, while the left eye is highly variable. Some days are much better than others, but he can rarely (one or two days in the past 2 weeks) see things at a distance. The variability is what led me here.

He was not disabled prior to cataract surgery, but is now, as he cannot even drive to work. I take him every day, but he can barely read the computer.

We have one of the best ophthalmologists in town, with the very latest equipment and techniques. It it possible my husband has undiagnosed Fuchs? How obvious is Fuchs to a highly skilled ophthalmologist? Is it possible it was undetected prior to either his LASIK or cataract surgery? We are definitely considering getting a second opinion (depending on what happens at the “3 week checkup” point). Anyone have any comments or suggestions?