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Feb 21, 2013 · Gastroparesis - gastric pacemaker doesn’t help! in Digestive Health

I have gastroparesis and have had the Botox injections n that did not help. No meds helped. So they decided it was time to put in a gastric pacemaker. That was last July and to date it still isn’t doing the job. It is to the point that no matter what I try to eat I get nauseated. This is very frustrating. I refuse to let it slow me down but with no getting near enough nutrients my body is showing affects. Mouth is constantly dry, hair loss, teeth cracking……I just want to eat. Had a feeding tube for 5 months. Lots of pain w that and then worsened when tried to feed thru tube. Dr removed that.. Talking about TPN. Don’t want that. Any ideas on foods that may help. I’ve even tried to blender foods. Got sick. Live on Icees and crackers or n e thing bland. Do yogurt for protein……have to eat 1-2 teaspoons at time. Just owner if n e one has thoughts or suggestions.