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Jul 7, 2013 · My body is like shrinking no matter what I eat in Digestive Health

It sounds like you should have your thyroid checked.

Mar 3, 2013 · Constant vertigo for almost 2 years in Brain & Nervous System

Hi Claudia, I have also suffered from this problem going on 14 mos. It has left me nearly nonfunctional. I just started vestibular rehab about one month ago and can now turn my head from side to side and up and down without “triggering” the spinning effects but am still dizzy all of the time. I’ve also had all the MRIs and CT scans but they could never find anything. Finally had just a regular X-ray with three views – neck flexed up, flexed down and straight on with mouth open. Amazed to find out that my axis (C1) vertebrae is off. They said I have “military neck” and that is the cause of all of my problems. Also have ringing in the ears, visual disturbances and muscle weakness from time to time in addition to the dizziness and vertigo. I looked it up and can’t believe that is exactly what is wrong. I hope this helps you and anyone else who might be dealing with these nightmarish symptoms. Good luck!

Feb 21, 2013 · Constant dizziness/imbalance in Brain & Nervous System

I guess you can add me to the list. I woke up with dizziness, ringing in the ears, visual problems – like vibrating vision, balance problems and sensory disfunction (somewhat like ataxia) one year ago. I’ve seen every kind of doctor imaginable, including Mayo, and the only thing they’ve come up with is a vestibular problem, but no explanation for the sensory disfunction and ringing and visual problems. I’m currently in vestibular rehab and it is helping a little with stability, but everything else is still there. I am so desperate I will do anything to have my life back. Has anyone discovered anything yet?

Feb 19, 2013 · Problem no one can figure out! fatigue, pressure at base of skull in Just Want to Talk

This is the first time in a year that I have heard anyone describe the same symptoms I am having. I woke up one year ago in someone else’s body. Have been to more than a dozen doctors and had countless tests and still don’t have a diagnosis other than a vestibular problem for which I am currently undergoing vestibular rehab. But they haven’t been able to explain the constant ear ringing, pressure in my head, distorted vision and sensory system problems. I am constantly off balance and all of this together has made me pretty much non functional. Just like you and your husband, I am desperate for answers. I have taken to all kinds of alternative treatments and it has been suggested that it may be caused by a virus or toxins although we still haven’t found anything. Mayo has checked me out and so far they think it’s caused by severe stress. Although I respect their opinion I still can’t help but think it’s something physical. Good luck to you both and if you ever learn what it is, please let me know. Thanks!

Feb 19, 2013 · When your Diagnosis is......CRAZY- in Digestive Health

Had the same visual problems. Was told it was retinal migraine.