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Jan 31, 2013 · When your Diagnosis is......CRAZY- in Digestive Health

My story-it all started in 2005- went to work one morning as usual but I started (out of the blue) having severe dizzy spells. My vision would go black slowly just like when a movie fades out, but just as my site turned into a “pin-point” of vision it would start all over again and repeat-left work went to Urgent Care – immediately diagnosed with “depression” ??? Given Celexa which helped aleviate the severity of the spells but did not stop them. Went on like this until 2007-repeating to doctors that the symptoms had not gone away. In 2007 since they acted like I was whining about this situation the solution was to increase my medication and add Abilify-did not help. Nov 2010-my symptoms graduated to palpatations-I would wake up in the middle of the night(jump up) to my heart racing a mile a minute-this happened numerous times-doctor said it was Anxiety-(in my sleep?). This escalated to severe chest pains, weakness on my left side, and insomnia. Diagnosis-GERD-with a little bit of gallstones to boot. MY doctor said she is not worried about the gallstones (even though they cause me pain sometimes). So I have been on medications for depressions, anxiety, oh yes, and did I mention they have also stated that I now have sczoprhinic disorder? I have been to numerous doctors, have been told various things – like my stomach lining is red, my white blood cell count is elevated and they don’t know why, so they sent me to a cancer specialist..diagnosis- lymphocyte disorder. Today, I still suffer with my stomach, my dizziness, numbness on my left side (all my pain is happening on the left side of my body), frequent urnination throughout the night, sleep apnea, GERD, vitamin D deficiency, my whole body is out of whack-I went into Urgent care around June of 2012 from work, I was not feeling well, I only go now when I actually feel like I am going to faint or die when I arrived there they immediately took some tests and the next thing I knew I ended up in an “OR” room wtih doctors inserting some kind of tube into my artery in my leg, ACS is what I believe they called it. I was in the hospital for 3-days.But….according to my doctor I am perfectly healthy. Really, I asked her and that’s what she said. I said ” how does a person go from a happy person, satisfied with her job, her life, to a depressive state?” I said the only thing I am depressed about at this point is not being able to live my life everyday because I hurt” her response…..Well, let’s increase the dosage. All I want is to get well again, as I sit here and write this the left side of my chest hurts, it started with the pain in my stomach-but I will not go to the doctor for this anymore (at least not here in my city) because now I feel like a running joke. I am waiting to not wake up –