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Tue, Feb 4 10:30am · Gastroparesis Diet – Questions, Suggestions, Tips in Digestive Health

I have just been diagnosed with Gastro paresis. I have had a nissen fundo and a redo the first was too tight. I also have a gallbladder removal. I have celiacs and allergies to milk and fish. I was recently diagnosed with Gastro. after a EGD to check on ulcers and dilate my Nissen. The Dr. found food left from the evening before, which was about 14 hrs since I had last eaten. At my follow up he really had no answers. When asked about he pace maker, he told me if I wasn’t diabetic and wasn’t vomiting, which I cannot do to the wrap. I was not a candidate and he did not suggest the meds for this condition. I feel like this has been going on for quite some time and has gotten to the point it is now.

I have an appointment at Mayo the end of Sept. I just have lost hope, I have had stomach issues since 2009. I feel like Drs have done things to just cover the symptoms and not the root cause of my issues. I am not sure if I will be helped at Mayo or not. I live in Idaho and am going to Minn., so there is quite an expense involved. They asked I stay 5-7 days, so the rental car, hotel ect. it all adds up. I do not mind the expense if they can help me. I have tried eating small frequent meals, the only thing that does not just hang around forever is liquids.

Sorry this is so long, just trying to make sure I include all the crazy things I have going on. I was so healthy until 2009 when I received a flu shot. Ever since then my life has drastically changed. I am 5’4″ and weight around 125. I have lost about 10 lbs in the last month. And am as active as I can be right now.

If you can give me some hope or answers I would so appreciate it.