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Dec 9, 2012 · Spinal Stenosis and Spinal Fusion in Spine Health

My husband is 58. He has osteo arthritis, degenerative joint disease and spinal stenosis. He has had 2 complete knee replacements, a hip replacement and dec last year L4,L5 S1 spinal fusion. All was good until Nov 13 2012 when we came home from a trip and he had massive back pain and numbness in left leg.
We to the hip surgeon, the knee surgeon and finally the back surgeon to learn that he has developed a cyst on L3. They want to do L2 L3 fusion. We went for the steroid shot in the L3 area-has not worked (been 9 days)…that was the test to see if surgery would work. He is in cronic pain, taking massive pain killers, muscle relaxers and valium- he sleeps 80% of the day and can not function. I don’t know that surgery is the answer- I know there is no “fix” to his condition but what are other options. Is depressing him and I HATE seeing him like this, He is an active person. Anyone with any suggestions-love to hear them!!