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Dec 2, 2012 · Colonoscopy in Digestive Health

I agree with other comments… it’s really not bad. It was over only moments after I got in there… (or so it seemed). I found the biggest deal for me was being weak the morning after cleaning out my system with the liquids I drank the night before– when I got to the hospital that morning to check in, they were asking me all sorts of questions (about insurance etc) that I had trouble answering because of my low blood sugar. Next time I will do an advanced check in the day before so I don’t have to try and be conversant that morning. But I sure appreciated the chance for a total colon cleanse, and the colonoscopy was a great excuse for that. Plus, just knowing that I am doing something really really important for my health gave me comfort. Many of my friends don’t have health insurance and can’t afford it and would love to have the privilege you have — celebrate your great fortune!

Dec 2, 2012 · tight upper ab and LPR (acid reflux in throat)... related? in Digestive Health

I’ve had tightness in upper middle abdomen for about a year- feels like a belt around my upper abomen and someone is pulling it tight (worse at night). My physican immediately said gallbladder but two gastroenterologists independently said they didn’t think the symptoms were gallbladder related. Endoscopy found some evidence of acid reflux and a week after endoscopy (coincidence?), I noticed relux symptoms in my throat- globus sensation and inflamed mucus membranes which ENT doc agreed was LPR. I have had CT scan, ultrasound, HIDA scan, endocsopy…. still no conclusive diagnosis. Next week trip to allergist to see about food allergies. I wonder if the feeling of the lump in my upper abdomen is related to the acid reflux or just coincidental?
Anyone else have this?