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Dec 2, 2012 · anybody there to talk about breast cancer and treatment and life afterwards. in Breast Cancer

I have had a lump in my boob for over a year when i had first noticed it i didnt panic as i was only 30 i presumed it was hormonal cyst or something like that. i had got it physically examined by my Dr who also assured me it was hormonal and may correct itself. A year had past and i was telling my sister inlaw about it and how i really should get something done about it as its gotton alot bigger, she was horrified and jumped to cancer straight away, i laughed and said no its just something that needs draining or whatever. She rang me at work on the 19th of october which was breast cancer awareness day and demanded me to make my appointment, so i did. I had a mamo then ultrasound where i was very fortunate to get a very good looking doctor (always a silver lining in every situation that was mine lol) he then proceeded with a biopsy. Two days later i had a call to go see my Dr never crossed my mind that whole time that it could be cancer was expecting her to talk about the whole draining proceedure i had been satisfied with for a whole year. I sat there for what seemed like 5 minutes looking at the word milignant thinking no im sure thats the good one, i will google that later lol.
I have since had another biopsy where it has been graded as 3, the only answer i got back from that biopsy the rest i have to wait till after my surgery where they will do other tests to confirm stages and of course to find out if its travelled to lymphs.
My surgery app is 13th of December lucky its not on a friday 😉
There is always somebody facing a more frightening situation then mine im thinking and wishing for your very best, everyday xx