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Nov 22, 2012 · Chiari and syringomyelia with DDD in Spine Health

Hello. My Nero doc has put me on Gabapentin and Baclofen ( prob spelled that med wrong) and Percocet and I’m doing well with the pain. It’s making my symptoms better. I used to get this feeling on my legs like I had something ice cold on them, like a cold buckle on different places on my legs. My worst part of my day is waking up in the morning. But when I get up and get my mess in me I can get on with my day. Without them my temperature is all off ( I’m freezing) and I’m in excruciating pain all over especially in my legs and back. I hope this helped. I would really like to know your symptoms that you have. I’ve never spoke to anyone yet with our condition (syringomyelia in your thoracic) I can’t wait to read your symptoms.

Nov 22, 2012 · Anyone suffering from syringomyelia? in Spine Health

Hello. I was wondering if anyone is suffering from Syringomyelia? In your thoracic spine? Or suffering from Chiari malformation? I feel alone out here with my condition ;( I read a lot about Chiari malformation but not much with the symptoms with syringomyelia in your thoracic. I would love to talk to someone with this, anyone. Thank you for listening.

Nov 22, 2012 · New Mayo Patient Questions/Feedback in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Yes. When they scheduled me after my doctor called mayo to refer me there, they then called me and told me where I will be. I hope this helps. Diane