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May 13, 2018 · Anyone Caring For Someone who Uses A Feeding Tube? in Caregivers

@ellareed, Does this stretchy mesh cause the tube to lean to one side when you apply this mesh? Anything that will cause the tube to lean to any side or attempt to get it to lay flatter in hopes of eliminating the bulge it may cause under your clothing can put pressure on the stoma which eventually can lead to stoma leakage. Do you know what type of tube you have? I would like to help you find a better way to secure your tube safely.

Apr 26, 2018 · Lilbit Update in Caregivers

Hello Everyone, Sorry but I been putting it off. Lilbit passed away due to Drs with very little hope. Kept telling family she was not strong enough for dialysis.
Weak heart, lungs, and liver trouble. It's been hard on everyone. Daughter had the say-so and she decided to let her pass without pain.

Apr 14, 2018 · Why does our ability to digest food as we age change in Digestive Health

Hello @travelgirl, I'm no authority on food, storing food, or cooking methods. Plants have certain chemicals they produce to help in their defense against bugs and insects that want to eat on them which may not be good for humans either. Many animals also eat some of these plants. Oats and wheat products are found to make arthritis pain worse for instance. FDA for instance, requires that canned beans such as Pinto, White, Black, Kidney, Lima, etc be cooked in a pressure cooker if it's to be sold to the public due to Lectins. However, if someone doesn't have a pressure cooker and love their beans, then it is considered safe if beans are soaked for at least 5 hours, water discarded, and cooked at a high boil at least 10 minutes before reducing heat. Some slow cookers are not recommended for cooking beans. This is just 1 food.
When considering all the various meats and vegetables, how their stored whether refrigerated or frozen, expiration dates, and cooking methods could possibly make a difference as to how well our bodies may digest them safely. I know I haven't been perfect when storing or cooking foods and I'm sure my mom did her best but probably made mistakes or some things might not have been up to today's standards.

There are too many situations and variants in regards to food and how our bodies may react to them for me to go into each one.
Here is a link to State Food Safety.com; https://www.statefoodsafety.com/Resources/index/category/Resoures which can shed some light on food safety.

I always heard that milk was good for you and people should drink at least 3 – 8 oz glasses a day. Well I have always preferred milk over any other drink including beer. I have always been a big milk drinker and over the past 12 + years I've been known to drink 5 gallons a week. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2. I was surprised as I'm not a big candy or sweets eater. After learning about carbohydrates and dairy contributing to our glucose intake I realized that my diabetes was brought on mainly by my milk intake. I didn't know that things like rice, spaghetti, pizza, bread, milk, etc would be processed into sugar by the liver. Heck, might as well ate candy.

I realize this is getting long and have only skimmed the surface. We all inherit different things from our parents and grandparents, and our bodies act different to exercise as well as foods we put into our bodies. I would probably have to say, YES, as we age some organs may not work as good as they did in our younger days and our bodies may be attempting to warn us that something needs attention.

Excellent topic!!! How long have you been noticing these changes? Have you started keeping a journal of the foods you take in and the effect it has on your digestive system?

Apr 14, 2018 · Why does our ability to digest food as we age change in Digestive Health

When clicking on the link you don't have to login. Just click on some of the topics listed on the left side of the screen.

Apr 12, 2018 · Lilbit Update in Caregivers

Oops, I left out the word "not" when speaking about the kidneys. Suppose to read, "Kidneys are beginning to put out the amount of fluids given her which is a slight improvement but their "not" doing what there supposed to do….Errol

Thanks @colleenyoung..

Apr 12, 2018 · Lilbit Update in Caregivers

Hello @colleenyoung, @hopeful33250, @sallysue, @rosemarya, @johnbishop, @juani, Thanks for the responses and prayers.
Lilbit is still not improving much. Liver is better. Kidneys are beginning to put out the amount of fluids given her which is a slight improvement but their doing what there suppose to do. Upper body swollen retaining fluid which means as her torso swells it closes in on the amount of spece the lungs have to function. The vent at the max for her situation. Heart struggling to provide enough blood to kidneys and probably other organs.
Last couple nights I can't seem to get hospital WiFi to work right. Sorry to have missed the Teleconference.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

Apr 8, 2018 · Lilbit Update in Caregivers

Hello @colleenyoung, I was beginning to think I went into too much detail for Connect. I do appreciate the concern and understanding displayed by you, @rosemarya, @hopeful33250, and @johnbishop. It is indeed a hard time for family and myself.
Drs haven't found the culprit which led to her being here. Sleeping most of time and unaware of what's happening.
Central line in her neck, wires all over, arms, hands, fingers,and shoulders swollen beyond belief. Ankles and calfs basically normal which is normally swells. Kidneys not putting out enough of the massive doses of fluid their giving her. Badly bruised from all the needles where she has been stuck frequently. Being on blood thinners helps the heart and vascular but sure cause for easy bleeding situations especially during IV blowouts. Still on a vent with a lot of thick secretions being suctioned out.
The realization of the possibility of her not going home this time it hitting me hard. As a caregiver I feel I can be trained to continue to care for her needs. However, I also know that everyone eventually gets called up to the Lord. Her priest who has been coming to the house weekly came today to bless her and the religious picture which hangs beyond her head and watches after her.
Well it's getting long. like I've mentioned before, sometimes I got a big mouth and ramble on.
Never realized until now just how lonely and helpless one can feel while sitting with a patient.
Really appreciate all the prayers being offered.

Thanks to All

Apr 8, 2018 · Sharing Your Favorite Support Network in Just Want to Talk

Hello Everyone,
I'm currently spending the night along side Lilbit in ICU sharing MayI,o Connect with her nurse as she comes in and out. She seems very pleased and surprised that a hospital would offer such a fabulous network of groups.

Together, We Can