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Jan 30, 2016 · MS? Fibro? - Still no diagnosis. Anyone else in similar situation? in Brain & Nervous System

After reading your first post that I missed, I don’t know why exactly, but a condition came to mind. Please check out Cauda Equina Syndrome. At the end of your spine is the conus which some call the horse’s tail. There is a bundle of nerves there that can cause terrible pain. This started after your second birth, csection, and I’m wondering if there was some damage to your conus(end of spine) during this delivery. You can read what others say about this on Healthboards.com by typing in Cauda Equina Syndrome in the search bar there but first you have to click on Message Boards or Find a board. I so want to see you taken care of soon. God Bless and may your husband help you with your new addition. I don’t know how you can do it alone.

Jan 30, 2016 · MS? Fibro? - Still no diagnosis. Anyone else in similar situation? in Brain & Nervous System

This sounds like M.S. to me. It does affect your eyes, back, and legs. It’s hard to diagnose but I read it can be seen by MRI. I know of a physician many years ago who treated someone in the hospital with massive doses of Vitamin C.by I.V. and they were so much better for many years, and able to hold down a job. Check with another doctor if you don’t get some answers soon. Hang on and sending warmest wishes for you to be better soon and to know what the diagnosis is.

Jan 30, 2016 · Diagnosed with SVT and want to talk with others in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi everyone, I found that I had commented in 2012 and had to reset my password. Offhand I would advise you all to have an ablation done. I wish I had I was told I had a murmur at 16. Then at 21 I had an SVT which was said to be PVC. It is true that SVT’s are about the same at AFib.

With echo my Mitral valve showed minor regurgitation which was not supposed to be a problem.I believe it was the reason for the SVT’s. If the E.R. staff does not know what to give you, and some don’t, ask for Adenocard. It will convert your heart at the count of 3 and the drug has to be in your system at that count. I haven’t had any attacks for a long time but almost have.

Fast forward here, I have been on Flecainide for several years with good results, most of the time. The doctors do not like their patients on this drug. I also take Metoprolol for hbp. Flecainide 50 mg. 3 times a day. My feet have been numb for many years also. It may be from this drug. I am sensitive to any kind of pain killer or NSAID, and get some heart skips a short time after taking them, so I can’t take them, other than a small amt. of Percocette for pain.

Several years ago I learned I have leaky valves. All of them ..two pretty moderate. I attribute this to not feeling well, and having to be sedentary. Somewhere in this country there is a hospital who makes sure they find your electrical problem. You are put to sleep and there are two monitors to show what is going on in your heart and they can fix it. I either saw it on You Tube or T.V., and if finances or insurance allow you this, go for it.

When you are sedentary because of the side effects of these drugs, you still will begin to develop other problems, like coronary disease and high cholesterol. I now have a bad leg artery from plaque, and cannot take the drug prescribed. Trental, because you cannot use it if you can’t have caffeine just for beginners.

There are more females who die from heart disease than men these days. We have smaller arteries and are not always listened to.
So get your ablation, even if you are afraid, for you don’t want to live with this and end up like me. I am older now but if I had been fixed, I would feel much better. You need to enjoy life, so take care of your heart. I wish I could go back to those youthful years and give myself that chance to live longer. Onward you must go! Don’t forget to check You Tube to see how others fared with their ablations.

Nov 13, 2012 · Dysautonomia/Syncope in Brain & Nervous System

This is unacceptable that someone can’t help your daughter. I have svt and arrthymia, hbp, and now 3 leaking heart valves. Yes, I am old, but my problems with svt’s started when I was 21. It’s not been a healthy life. And because of what I am reading here, I have to beg you to take your child to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, as it is the number one heart hospital in the U.S. I believe they will find out the problem and help her. God Bless You. My heart goes out to a child or adult who is living like this and needs help right away.

Nov 13, 2012 · flecainide and digoxin drug for tachycardia in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have been taking flecainide for several years..50mg….3 times a day, and also take metoprolol for hbp. This drug works as well as any will is my opinion. Years ago I took Encaid and they took it off the shelves. Nobody wants to take the responsibility for giving me the flecainide, because people have died from it. I haven’t had to go to the hospital for a long time regarding the svt, altho I almost have had some of them occur several times in the last year or so. I just sit down and make myself cough a few times, feel my pulse, and could feel none the last time but coughed a few more times and it came back. My pulse has to be in the 50’s..that’s where it’s safe and otherwise I will have problems too. If I do have an svt, the hospital finally learned to give me Adenocard to convert right away. It’s a good drug. I started out having the tachs at 21. I also had a heart murmur in my teens ..it turned into a leak in the mitral valve and then last year, I had an echo cardiogram and was told 3 of my valves were leaking..two of them moderately..The doctors said it didn’t mean anything..including my PCD. Heart valve leakage is a disease and since I’m older, I’m thinking they aren’t too worried about a patient who only has Medicare. If you would like to share your experience with taking flecainide, I’d be glad to read it.