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Nov 11, 2012 · Fibromyalgia in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi, this is my first time on here. I am 33 and have had fibro since I was 21. I also have rheumatoid arthritis and have back surgery, and some other health problems. I have been disabled because of the pain for 12 yrs now. I was extremely active at 21 and all of a sudden I started getting horrible headaches, I couldn’t pick my head up off the pillow, my whole body started to hurt and just got worse and I couldn’t work anymore. It took a few months and many many doctors before i was diagnosed. I have been on just about every medication made i think! I did try savella but couldn’t take it because it made my heart race, I have tachycardia and it made it worse. The only thing that has helped me is Lyrica I have been on it for years now with no adverse affects. I am afraid it isn’t working as well anymore. It has helped to lessen some of my flare ups. Nothing has taken the pain away. I think we have to find ways to help lessen it and unfortunately live with it. You’ll figure out easier ways to do things around the house. Instead of carrying my laundry basket I drag it down the stairs lol. You never really get use to the pain because it is constantly changing and for me getting worse. I am now dealing with neck pain and pain in my face. Trying to control the RA.Constant back pain. My fibro is just kind of always there my legs always hurt the worst. Does anyone else get affected by the cold weather? I don’t know if it has anything to with the fibro or something else. Once it gets below 55 if I am outside for more than15-20 min my legs start hurting and will hurt for a while. Sometimes a day or two if it is really cold and I am out there longer. They think I have raynauds can it affect your legs? Sorry got sidetracked. Some things work for some people, you just have try, it may take awhile so patience is crucial for dealing with fibro. Hope everyone is having a “good” day!