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Nov 7, 2012 · chronic lyme disease -- treatment? in Infectious Diseases

we have a Dr here in Iowa but they are trying to take his license away for treating lyme disease. I have seen people that he treated and are so much better and I was getting better until my insurance would not pay for the IV treatment anymore because Iowa is not a lyme literate state and they do not have to follow the guidelines. If you have lyme be careful because it is contagious as Dr.s say that it is’nt because they have not done any studies to show that it is. I gave it to my wife and she is now bed ridden.

Nov 7, 2012 · Frustrated and still no diagnosis in Cancer

i was tested at least twenty times for lyme disease including several times at mayo clinic, after researching the test they use for lyme disease I found out that eighty percent of the time it comes back negative whether you have it or not. The western blot is the only test that along with your symptoms will tell you if you have lyme or not, also see a lyme specific Dr. If it comes back positive because you need to get checked for about ten Co infections that you can also get from a tick bite. Many of them cause all of your blood tests to run low like vit. D, thyroid, testostirone in men and entrygine in women. If you cannot find a doc to get you the western blot test the right way let me know and I might be able to steer you in the right direction.

Nov 7, 2012 · anyone have lyme disease? in Infectious Diseases

I have had lyme for about fifteen years now, was doing alot better when i was on a pic line with antibiotics but the insurance that I had stopped it because Iowa is not a lyme disease friendly state for Dr’s that treat with long term antibiotics, science being off the drugs for almost two years now I am back to being worse than I was. Before I was diagnosed with lyme I went through a major work up at mayo, first I as told that i had m.s. than Lou Gehrig’s than rheumo arthritic conditions. Even had surgery to release ligement in my elbow for hand pain. All to find out basically on my own that i had lyme and four different coinfections from tick bites. On top of this I gave it to my wife which they tell you that it is not possable….b.s. it is I found out that the bacteria lives in your sexual secreations. Also I have found out people are getting lyme disease and other coinfections from getting blood transfusions because blood is not tested for lyme and other infections because the red cross says it is to costly to check blood for it. At this time there is a bill in congress that everyone needs to read and support also watch the film under your skin to see why so many people with lyme are misdiagnosed so as to line the pockets of Dr’s like the ones that work at mayo.