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Nov 6, 2012 · Mystery illness in Digestive Health

I have a friend that through she had a bug . is was here heart pray that you fill better . have apancreatitis problem I going to mayo for help I wonder is that a good I idea

Nov 6, 2012 · Mild Chronic Pancreatitis in Digestive Health

I have chronic pancreatitis and panaceas divisum. at one time I was in and out the hospital for years and now my doctor said half of my pancreatitis is not working now I take pancreaze . I take to pill every time I eat and one if sack my doctor said to eat right and I do but I still get sick sometimes I would go in the hospital to let my pancreatitis rests . now my doctor don’t put me in hospital . I hope every thing is good for you now I have had a lot of good days and also bad day. I am going to mayo to see if they can do something different .