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Oct 23, 2012 · Hi, I have to tell you your beach picture drew me to in Just Want to Talk

Hi Sandy Beach,
Im new Just had to get in touch with you. I feal the same way and have NO ONE in my life. The aloneness has become ok. But I am a cronic outsider nad have to put real effort into leaving my house. Wish I could get help for my health. Stuck in a medical system that only lets you see doctors in their county! Keep on keeping on. Look for small pleasures and concentrate on them with all your might.
I have develouped tea serimonies with my garden. I grow everblooming gardens in big pots to keep a bloom for the day as a selebration of life and thanks to the creator. I have three medical service dogs and they keep me entertained. I HAVE to leave the housefor potty break and a walk in a feild next to my apartment…Lesley