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Oct 18, 2012 · hello and thanks for responding to my thread. I say it feels in Just Want to Talk

That will be fine to stay in contact. Here is my email Shoot me an email and I will respond with my ph#. I am located in Arizona,where are you at ? Just wondering for the time change difference.
I would have to say that living with these changes are the biggest/hardest thing to do. I had to give up playing softball,other than that I did not have many activities other than coaching my daughters softball team.
I am sure your step son will take you at 85% over not having you around at all. Have you thought about seeing a counsler/therapist ? Mine has helped me deal with things a lot.
Take care,Scott

Oct 15, 2012 · Heart Failure in Heart & Blood Health

I had a heart attack in Jan of this year. At the time I had a artery blocked 95% and another totaly blocked but with a self made bypass. They put a defibrillator in and 2 stents at that time. It is a slow process dealing with all the changes. My problem is that my arterys get clogged easy. In July while on the treadmill my defib. shocked me twice. heart rate shot over 220 and it turned out I had a third artery that went from 25% blocked in Jan to 95% blocked in July. and I was on the medication. Some people are slow to recover and others quicker. I am wondering why this happened to me even after the meds.
I am now 48,so I can understand your husbands thoughts are probably,why me,Im too young.
How is he doing since your post in march ?

Oct 15, 2012 · Side effects of statins in Heart & Blood Health

I am in my 10 month since my heart attack and the start of my meds !
I am curently taking Plavix/effient,lipotor,lopressor and lisinpril. I have been lucky to have no side affects as of now,

Oct 15, 2012 · Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Severe Anxiety... in Mental Health

I had a heart attack on jan 8th of this year. I had to be shocked 3x times that day. I thank god I was at work that day and not home with my daughter who is 10. I went back to work 6 weeks later(too soon I foind out). I work at a prison and its not the best on your stress level.
In July I was at the gym doing my treadmill wotk out when my defribulator went off 2x,turns out I had another blocked artery,had another two stents put in.
Even before that episode in July i was having issues with going to work while my family was at home,but my bosses would not work with me.
Now since July I find my self not wanting to be away from my family. I have seen a therapist since August and has helped me out alot. She tell me she thought I was suffering from PTSD due to the fact I have alomost died twice this year.
I have finally gotten past the “why me” stage and liing life the best i can. It is very hard to live with the changes and could not do it with the great wife that I have, It has been just as hard on her and I forget that sometimes. So please if you have been through this like me,please,please take your familys feelings into consideration also. They have to learn how to live with the changes also.

Oct 15, 2012 · Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm in Aortic Aneurysms

I had stents done thru the groin about 10 months ago. I have not felt any pain and never had a loss of feeling,sorry. The next time I had it done my Dr went thru the wrist. less painfull but was told my wrist would swell and be painful.Nothing that time either. Has it gotten any better since you posted ?

Oct 15, 2012 · Recovery from Heart Disease in Heart & Blood Health

I was 47 when in Jan of this year I went into V Tach with blocked arterys. I had to be shocked 3x while at work,I thank god I was at work and not home with my 10yr old daughter. I also fell face first while my heart stopped and had broken bones in my face.
I find my self having a harder time dealing with my broken bones I suffered than the heart problems. I went back to work 6 weeks later(too soon I found out) and in July my defribulator fired off 2x while at the gym. Turns out I had another artery that was 25% blocked in Jan to 95% blocked in July.
It was a huge set back,I thought I was making progress doing more and more. It was hard to deal with,I knew I had changed and my wife and daughter knew I had changed. I do know that after almost dying(sp) twice your outlook on life will be different !
Your husband will change,it will be a slow process. Is he seeing a therapist ? I started seeing one and she has me understanding things a lot better. If you can get him to one,you need to go with him once and a while.

Oct 15, 2012 · Ventricular Tachycardia in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Matthew, I suffered a heart attack or went into V Tach as my wife says Jan 8th of this year. I was responding to a fight at work,I work at a prison. I did not get to the fight, I stopped about 3/4 of the way there when my heart stopped/V Tach. I then fell face first into the sidewalk. I was shocked 3x at work and broke bones in my face on top of almost being dead.
They inserted a Difribulator and a couple of stents at the hospitol. I went back to work 6 weeks later(too soon). 6 months later while doing a slight jog on the treadmill my defib.fired off 2x. My heart rate like yours got up to 240. It turns out I had another blocked artery and got 2 more stents.
I do have to say.I cant imagine going thru 32 times wow. I can take some pain but wow did this hurt. I tell people it feels like getting hit with a bat.
That happened back in July and I have not been back to work since.
I am going to a Therapist and she has me off on disability still,suffering from PTSD also and on Wellbutrin for my case of depression.
I find my self having more after affects from falling on my face then I do the affects of my heart problems.
I just went this past week to a Neroligist (sp) and she had me have a EEG test,they hook about 25 wires to your head and run a test.
It is VERY hard not being able to do what your used to doing. I just turned 48 and have a 10 yr old daughter who I coach in softball,and my wife did not want me goaching so soon she says. That was my outlet,the only thing I was able to do just about.
I guess I have blabbed enough,it does get better,its just a very slow process I am finding out. You are a lot younger than me, and I cant imagine doing this at sucha young age.
Is this in your family ? My grandpa on my moms side died at 44 from this and my brother is 51 and has about 5 stents.
What is hurting me is that the artery that was blocked in July was only blocked 20/25 % in january. It went to 95% blaocked in 6 mo.
I go to my Dr in a couple weeks,maybe I can go back to work,or stay out on didabilty I have not decided yet. I think about being at work too much,I almost died there and its hard walking in thru the gates knowing that.
Take care and hope things get better for you. Scott