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Oct 25, 2012 · Multiple sclerosis in Just Want to Talk

Hi, I don’t have MS myself, but my mother past away with the disease in the mid 70’s. MS is an auto immune disease. I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 17,which is also an auto immune disease. I have done a lot of research on auto immune diseases and found that there is a commonality with all. Almost always these people have low vitamin D levels. Some researchers suggest that the low levels can cause the onset of these diseases. Please have him tested immediately and put him on vitamin D3, at least 5000 units. There should be a vast improvement in his condition. This is not a cure, but can help. A healthy diet is also important. Please do some research on line, there is much information to be had. Many times you will find alternative therapies that will help. Good luck to you and your your son. Patty Jean

Oct 16, 2012 · I just need some answers!!! Please help me!!! in About Kids & Teens

Hi Jocie,
I have had a similar experience in my family. My sister had an undiagnosed severely low thyroid and was in the hospital having many tests. The symptoms were pointing toward Meningitis, but the doctors were 100% wrong! As it turned out, they finally, after 3 weeks of other tests, they finally checked her thyroid. By the time they finally figured it out she was almost in a coma. Please go to an internal medicine specialist to be evaluated. Don’t fool around with the seriousness of your situation. If at all possible, please go to the Mayo Clinic. They have the best doctors and your chances are great to live more of a normal life when going there. The Mayo Clinic is a well oiled machine and will not keep you waiting. There are Mayo Clinics in Florida, Minnesota, and Arizona. I am so fortunate that I have one in my state of Arizona. I was just recently diagnosed with tonsil and lymph node cancer and have seen Dr. Michael Hinni. He will perform my surgery on October 31. They have the best research and latest procedures at the Mayo Clinic. If need be, I would have mortgaged my house to have treatment there. Good luck to you and please use vitamin and minerals to build up your immunity in the meantime. Patty Jean