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Oct 3, 2012 · Fibromyalgia in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I developed fibromyalgia ten years ago and could barely get out of bed. This was a few years after a complete hysterectomy as well. I have sisters who are identical twins and they are 10 years older than I am. They both suffered from fibromyalgia too but decided to go to UCLA Medical Center and have a complete workup to try ease the pain. After 6 weeks of various analyses, the doctor gave them an rx for 25 mg. of amitriptyline, 5 mg. Ambien and 1 Vicodin at night. After a week, they could function again during the day. I asked her to send me enough for 4 nights so I could try it (I know, I know…not the right thing to do but I was desperate). I got relief immediately and have remained on that combination for 6 years. I stopped taking the Vicodin after 3 months and just take an Aleve tablet. I have a male friend who developed fibromyalgia (rarer for men than women) and he also took this combination and can function again. You might ask your doctor if he can prescribe this for you and try it. It just might help you too. Hang in there!