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Sep 26, 2012 · post concussion syndrome in Brain & Nervous System

Thank you. I guess the bottom line is, is there a therapy and timeframe when one is recovered? If you know and are recovered, that would be great to know.

Sep 25, 2012 · post concussion syndrome in Brain & Nervous System

My 24 year old son had level 2 concussion in Feb., recovered by May where he was assuming normal day to day activities, including biking and running, but left work to recover. He played soccer at the end of June, hit one low/soft header and has been home with post concussion syndrome since. He cannot drive. Has seen neurologists and now post concussion management doctors, goes for vestibular therapy ,takes Gabapenten and Amantadine, yet still has headaches and is not able to resume work, computer work, or low key social activities. Could the medicine not work… thinking of taking him off of them – gradually – what else can we do????