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Oct 11, 2012 · Swollen thyroid, multiple nodules in Digestive Health

Dear Anna777,
Please go find a new Doctor at a new (different) Hospital for a second opinion. Also do not tell the new Doctor what the first Doctor recommended (surgery) as I have found in my experience every time I shared the 1st Doctor’s Conclusion & Recommendation the second Doctor agreed with the 1st Doctor. Ask them for their unbiased opinion. Wishing you renewed good health!

Oct 3, 2012 · Evasive Diagnosis, Deteriorating Health and College (Lysosomal Storage) in Just Want to Talk

Hello. I am so terribly sorry to hear of your health problems and the suffering they cause you. I can see why you want to stay at school as it keeps your mind off of all the “What is going on in my body? ” questions. I suggest talking to your University’s Health Clinic Head MD and tell him/her what you wrote here. I also understand your parents wanting you to take care of your health first and foremost. One of our closest family friends was referred by his small town Cardiologist to go to Mayo Clinic ASAP for tests and surgery. He put it off to make two more business trips and sadly he passed away coming back from the second business trip. His wife, children, siblings, friends were all devastated that he would make that decision without talking and discussing it all with them. They found out after his funeral from his wife talking with his Cardiologist and learning of his advice to go to Mayo Clinic ASAP. I tell you this as there is always time to go back to your high honors studies for your Ph.D…no matter if you are a year or two behind your “current peers.” Ego should not be a part of the equation…if what you wrote is all happening inside your body right now. Mayo Clinic is an incredible Hospital with world class Doctors and Surgeons in every area of medicine. I just came back from three weeks at Mayo Clinic having testing and meeting with their Specialists. I still have more time needed up at Mayo Clinic as I have a complex medical history and complex health conditions…but I am grateful there is a place like Mayo Clinic where they study your medical history before you arrive for your first General Internal Medicine Consultation and they immediately start working on finding the root cause of condition and the most up to date treatment. I hope and pray you will find answers, treatment and God willing…a cure to your condition and that you have a very long healthy life and a brilliant career. God bless you.



Oct 3, 2012 · post concussion syndrome in Brain & Nervous System

Dear Hols,

I contacted a friend whose son has had troubles after playing sports that resulted in many concussions. Here is her information and she hopes it helps your son.

Our son has had several concussions and I have researched the following options. It is possible that you could try the non-medicinal route of acupuncture. I have researched this and it is reported to help with headaches. Does your son have any learning difficulties after his last concussion? We found that the company Learning Rx is wonderful–it even helps veterans who have suffered Traumatic Brain Injury. It certainly helped one of our children overcome a memory problem. Just be sure to ask for a Master Trainer, for the best results. This company provides trainers who work one-on-one to do mind exercises/puzzles often with a metronome, to take advantage of brain plasticity to build new neuronal pathways. If that is too expensive, and if I recall it is about $3,500-4,000 for the first full program of about 6 months, then another options might be I believe that is $15.00/month.(You can see if there is a Learning Rx franchise in your area by going to their web site.)

I so very much hope this is helpful.

(Also her son stopped the two sports where he had suffered the concussions.)

We wish you and your son all the best. It is so difficult when we see those we love suffering and we aren’t receiving help/treatment from the MDs. We will keep you in our prayers.