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Sep 12, 2012 · Cardiac Calcium Scoring Report in Heart & Blood Health

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone can help ease our minds here. My wife , is fifty in a couple weeks and I am 48 and we decided to get a heart scan done to see if we have any problems with calcium buildup in our arteries. Wife has low cholestrol levels( last check bad cholesterol was 88) and good cholestrol was good also and always has low blood pressure 110/ 70 or so. On the other hand I have had extremely high cholestrol levels in the past and also blood pressure usually runs around 140 t0 150 / 90 to 110 at times and I do take blood pressure med. Neither one of us is obese…she is approx 140 and I am around 190 lbs. Actually wife only had the scan done so I would go have them done, because I am kind of stubborn at times and dont like to go to the doctor. I have had a history for several years of some occasional chest pain that comes and goes and also some heart palpitations at times. Also was diagnosed in my early twenties with a slight mitral valve prolaps. Ok,,,, I hope thats enough history to help , here is the issue. My test came back with a calcium reading of zero which I have a hard time believing since I have high cholestrol and am 48 yrs old, she had hers ran immediately after mine and hers came back at high risk for heart attack with a reading of 568. My question is…could the test results possibly gotten mixed and she got mine and I got hers or is it possible the machine could of malfunctioned?????? Just seems really strange to me the way the results came out. Any help and comments would be appreciated. Also the tests were ran in a hospital so I would think it should be reliable. Thank you so much for any help .