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Sep 22, 2012 · Anxiety continues after trying 5 different meds in Depression & Anxiety

thank you for the info…I tried Luvox…ended up in the ER with my potassium depleted…it has a warning about this as a possible serious side effect and so, of course, I suffered from it. My worst time is upon waking up every morning. I suffer from PTSD and so my sleep pattern is virtually non-existent due to nightmares and other highly charged dreams. I have started on a medication for it and am doing well on it. I feel like when I get to the maintenance dose of it, I will see marked improvement as far as sleep goes and in turn may do better with my depression. The med I take for the PTSD is Minipress. It helps to block the high amount of adrenaline my body has been putting out 24/7 and so far, I’ve had no side effects on the starter dose. I will check out the wesite you listed. Thanks again for your reply my friend.

Sep 18, 2012 · Mental illnesses do not define who we are in Mental Health

As a newcomer to this blog, I am just reading this post for the first time. Your description of the human condition in regards to the sufferage of things gone arry with those of us with mental health problems has never been more eloquently put than in this post. As one of the millions of people out here struggling with mental health each and every day…YOU have given me a new perspective in how I view myself and my disease process. Thank you so much.

Sep 18, 2012 · Anxiety continues after trying 5 different meds in Depression & Anxiety

Hi cabinfever…I see there havent been any posts regarding your situation in a while. So how is it going? I too, am … what they call … suffering from Treatment Resistment Depression as I too have tried virtually everything under the sun. I say everything…there were a few I wasn’t able to give a go with due to un-insured status and the med cost …some of them..as much as $700 for 30 day dosage. It’s so sad for those of us who fall into this catagory of patient’s. Help MAY be there but not within financial reach for us. I would like to hear where you are with yours right now. Prayers and thoughts r with u my friend.