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Sep 5, 2012 · Want to taper off Pristiq, makes my heart race in Depression & Anxiety

I feel the same way.. Just the w/d effects make you wanna steer clear of them all together.. In fact the only reason I am discontinuing Pristiq (even though I know I still suffer from manic depression) is bc I have been on antidepressants for 6 yrs now (since I was 19 when my son was born).. I dont know who I am any more & I want to give it a try without them & see how bad it really is without them – I used to be soo different I used to have so many friends & socialize & go out & have fun & for the past 3 yrs (since I have been on them nonstop bc I got preg w/ my daughter) I have become agoraphobic/ocd/& I can probably fit every mental health diagnoses except schizo when all it started out as was postpartum depression!.. If I feel depressed after stopping for awhile than I am going to try every natural way of dealing with things that I havent been able to try while on them.. I know meds can save peoples lives but they seemed to have messed mine up so I am very hopeful to find myself again.. 🙂

Sep 5, 2012 · Want to taper off Pristiq, makes my heart race in Depression & Anxiety

yea I completely understand about the eyes it kind of feels like they are really dry but also they feel like very sensitive & a sort of pain when you open & close them.. I think it is much more Neuro related bc of the head & eye problems & it of course is SOO nerve racking lol.. I stated before I tried tapering off but I just wasnt able to bc I wasnt able to get out of bed nor take care of myself or my kids that need me so I completely went off.. It isnt something I suggest for you but I know in my case tapering meant suffering longer & weather the pain/feelings would reduce didnt matter to me I just wanted them gone ASAP & so the sooner I went off the sooner I got better.. Of course I did that with my Klonopin too & read that people can get seizures from suddenly discontinuing that but the long lasting suffering just isnt my thing.. I want it gone now so I am not tapering this time.. but however you decided to do it make sure you dont go through anything alone if you feel suicidal or like giving up than call your dr or go to the hospital or have someone you can trust help you through it bc I know it is by know means easy.. I am not suggesting you do what I say bc I am not a dr but the only way I found relief the 2nd time around (as stated above is when I felt most miserable & suicidal) I took showers/baths or listened to calming music (may or may not help at certain times).. I took theraflu on nights I was in agonizing pain or I felt very vulnerable or restless/anxious (my reasoning is bc I had flu like symptoms so I took something that would help) it may not have helped with every symptom but it had a calming/sedative effect I needed to fall asleep (it has a bit of alcohol in it).. like I said the first time when they “hydrated” my body with iv fluids it made me feel better all day so I definately believe that more fluids- water especially can help.. But the best thing to do is not to lose hope bc there is light at the end of the tunnel.. you will make it through just as I will.. just as I have before & just have others have & will.. While we may not know when exactly we will feel completely normal.. just remember that each day you make it through is a day that you will put behind you & perhaps when you wake up tomorrow you will feel better? if not than maybe the next day.. Even though its extremely hard to keep high spirits in our darkest hours it is when it is most important. I know I was thinking last time I w/d that I would rather be going through child birth again than to experience this agony bc it really does mess up my emotional & mental state as well as my physical.. Just to know that it WILL get better helps me cope. It sounds dumb but when I dealt with this last time I felt extremely proud of myself afterwards for sticking in there & knowing that not many people have the strength to stick it through (whether on their own or with help).. My younger sister has a history of illegal substance use & she has relapsed a few times & when you come off any drug the only way to STOP w/d is to take the drug again but then eventually you will have to stop & deal with it & theres no better time to deal with it than now.. & the biggest difference between other drugs & Pristiq is that we will never relapse on Pristiq not only will we stay as far as we can from the drug but we will remember how hard it was to come off of it & I have warned sooo many people about the w/d of Effexor I just wish I would have known that Pristiq has the same w/d effects. My prayers are with you… & ps. AGAIN it will get better 🙂

Sep 5, 2012 · Want to taper off Pristiq, makes my heart race in Depression & Anxiety

Have you completely stopped too or are you still tapering? It all depends on how long you took it, your dosage, & of course your body (which everyones is different).. I stated above that from most of the info I found (on various other sites) most people say about a week some people say about 2 & it is rare but depending on your body it could take more than that (I hope not).. I know I was looking for the same answers last time but I usually just average them up & hope for the average if it lasts past that than it does though but if you want more info I found lots of info googling SNRI withdrawal/ & even more just reading the bad reviews on under Pristiq they usually say why they got off the med but even more so what they experience when getting off. I pray you feel better soon <3

Sep 5, 2012 · Want to taper off Pristiq, makes my heart race in Depression & Anxiety

That is what I thought too (as stated in my long reply above).. Ever since my 1st & 2nd w/d I am ocd about meds I not only read the side effects & efficacy rates but now I also read the w/d effects bc many people will have to get off a med they cannot tolerate.. it is rare to find something that works & to stay on it for the rest of your life when it comes to mental health drugs especially.. so this is something the drs need to research & warn us about before they write a scrip for it bc as I also explained I am not one who feels suicidal but I was seriously considering it last time I w/d so I am sure there are many people who feel the same way if faced with the same feelings & pain & they have the black box warning for suicidal thoughts when you start taking the meds but I have yet to see much about the effects of going off the meds.. I have to do extensive research of my own to find such info.. I am thankful for the internet & for google though bc I usually do not have to search too far or long to find what I need. 🙂

Sep 5, 2012 · Want to taper off Pristiq, makes my heart race in Depression & Anxiety

I pray you start to feel better Janet I know it isn’t easy.. I am glad you are completely off of it bc that is the first step to start the process most people take a week some people 2 but it is rare for it to go past that.. Usually for it to clear out of your system it shouldn’t take as long as other meds bc of its short half life but it all depends on your metabolism so even though the nausea may supress your appetite try to eat small meals throughout the day to jump start your metabolic rate (if you can exercise that will help too) but definately make sure you are drinking lots of water to flush the chemicals out.. cranberry is supposed to help clean our systems out too (I take it every day bc of chronic utis).. I hope you feel better real soon <3.

Sep 5, 2012 · Want to taper off Pristiq, makes my heart race in Depression & Anxiety

This is my 3rd time “withdrawing” from an SNRI I have been on Pristiq 2 times before but both times I switched to Effexor XR & actually w/d from that med in particular the last 2 times.. The first time it happened I was at the E.R. twice in a week & the first time I had no idea what was going on & felt like I was dying.. If I had to describe it in a “general” sense than it would be flu like symptoms except much more intense (severe headaches, nausea, dizziness, dehydration, etc) as far as physical goes & mentally/emotionally the worst experiences of depression & anxiety I have gone through to include panic attacks/shallow breathing/severe insomnia/hot flashes/chills/crying spells/etc.. the 1st w/d when I didnt know what was going on I went to the hospital & kept telling them I felt like something was in my head.. (which of course sounds psychotic to everyone else).. I kept telling them I felt like I was having an extreme case of morning sickness but I wasn’t pregnant & there was no way to ease the pain (ie advil, tums, pepto) nor the anxiety (w/ my klonopin). I had brought a list bc I was afraid that I would forget or leave out a crucial symptom & there was about 20-25 things I listed as wrong with me to include physical/emotionally/mental she looked at me & called it excessive & perhaps I was but as I mentioned before I had no idea what was going on.. they tested me for the flu, pregnancy, I made them do a cat scan bc of the feeling in my head bc I feared maybe I had a tumor or something (IDK! lol).. they did pump me with fluids through an iv bc my bp was 165/122 & my pulse was in the 130’s & they said the iv would “calm me down” needless to say I was very upset bc they were treating me like I needed to be in a straight jacket next door in the mental ward.. the nurse really p’d me off bc it didn’t seem like she was taking me seriously but I know they deal with much more serious things & I was just feeling very vulnerable, helpless, & confused but the iv actually helped me it brought down my bp/pulse & made me feel better so the prognosis at that time was dehydration which I didnt dare argue with bc of the temporary relief I felt & the judgement I already endured. but just 5 days later I was back with an extreme migraine.. I was puking up all the narcotics & once I found that not even there meds were working I knew it had to be something to do w/ symptoms from discontinuing the EXR.. I unfortunately was on it again soon bc I gave up waiting for the w/d to go away.. 6 months later I knew what to expect when I told the dr it wasn’t working & he decided to try me on Lexapro I told him I wasn’t going off cold turkey again so he told me to start taking my dose every other day for 2 weeks (while starting lexapro on the days I didnt take it) & then after 2 weeks to stop it completely.. Unfortunately I couldnt wait that long.. after just 3 days I was having thoughts of suicide bc I was in so much agony & emotional distress.. I would take my dose at night & the next day I would feel great & normal but the nights that I skipped the dose the next day was excruciating.. I decided to just stop it all together bc I didn’t want to wait 2 weeks & still put myself through that bc I had already had enough after a week & wanted to get it over w/ bc you literally cannot function or do anything when you are going through this (me atleast) I am a stay at home mom & have 2 children that need me to take care of them so it wasnt an option to keep anticipating & putting off the inevitable. I read online about someone who had gone through the same transition (EXR to Lexapro & she had doubled up on her dose of Lexapro & it seemed to help the emotional effects atleast & after a few days of completely stopping the med the effects were gone & I was able to do things & take care of my kids again. The only way I was able to sleep during the week & a half of torture was to take theraflu at night bc it has a sedating affect on me & the alcohol in it didn’t hurt either (Im not suggesting that but it was how I coped with my insomnia during that rough time) A man online described the physical pain as it felt like a piece of sheet metal was inside his body & like it was being banged on.. (a good comparison in my book) .. It’s like electric shocks shooting from your stomach to your head & back.. & there is nothing you can do to reduce or alleviate these most unpleasant feelings & sensations. I wouldnt wish any of these things on my worst enemy bc it makes you feel helpless & hopeless .. This time around I am discontinuing Pristiq & last night was my first night of not taking it & I already felt the nausea/dizzy/sheet metal sensation so I am praying for the best.. I know everyone is different so it is hard to say how long it may last for you but I know from what I have read if you quit cold turkey it is usually 1-2 weks before the effects completely wear off but if you taper of course it will be longer bc you are postponing the discontinuation & your effects will probably reduce as your dose reduces.. From my 2 experiences before I know the worst thing I could do is give up (or give in) tapering isn’t an option since I am on the lowest dose already (50mg) & I want to get this over with ASAP so until this gets better I am going to drink lots & lots of water keep hope alive & occasionally take a dose of theraflu to help knock me out on nights I can’t go to sleep bc I would rather be asleep dreaming than awake in pain. God bless you all my prayers are with you & you will make it through just remember it gets better & don’t suffer in silence there are plenty people going through the same thing you are & if you feel like giving up confide in your dr or check into a hospital bc the pain is just temporary & remember you will make it through.. P.S. when my last w/d ended I was extremely thankful to feel “normal” again but even more I started praying even harder for my grandmother who had chemo & radiation therapy & she suffered all day every day with her illness & unfortunately she passed away in July but it comforts my heart & soul to know she is no longer suffering any more & she is in a much better place <3