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Aug 27, 2012 · Endometriosos & Adenomyosis with acute pain episodes in Women's Health

last Wednesday i was diagnosed with polyps on my uterus and cysts on my left ovary. i have had my right ovary taken out already (7 years ago) because of the cysts. Last year i was diagnosed with fluid build up on my fallopian tubes and scar tissue from re-occuring Pelvic Inflammatory disease. i am 29 and only have one child. I have had problems down there for 7 years. the PID never scared me but this new thing has scared me to the point that i actually am writing it down and letting other ppl know. it is a lot to adjust to knowing that i may have to have a doctor tell you that you have to have a biopsy and they dont know whats causing it. i have never been diagnosed with endo. but my doctor seems to think that may be what it is but we have to wait on the biopsy. if anyone has had my problems i just need advice because i am scared to death.