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Jul 23, 2012 · Scared in Digestive Health

Oh You Poor Dear One! First Unfortunately I do not know the Dr you are going to see But I will pray for you. My heart goes out to you and all that you have gone thru. I have been going thru some things over the past 3 years, just under much different circumstances. None the less, I do believe that there are Drs out there that do care and will not stop until the correct diagnosis is made. Unfortunately, there are others that are either stuck in their ways of thinking,or ones being influenced by the perks from Big Pharma to utilize what they want them to perscribe or what tests or procedures they are to use. I have always heard that Mayo is the most remarkable Life saving Hospitals, When others do not have the answers, This is were you will find them. Also others that have been told there was no hope, Mayo found a way to bring Hope. SO We have to push thru, not let anyone be little us and tell us it is in our heads, If the symptoms are there it astonishes me how they can be denied grrrr, I am looking up and reading up on every symptom I have, asking as many questions that I can,I write them down even before I see the dr so they can be answered.I pray that some DRs will read this and think about things from a patients point of view, I hope everything gets better & you find your answers and get the best of health again. (((((HUGS)))))) from one that understands.