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Oct 7, 2013 · Feeling like I'm addicted to my mental health meds in Depression & Anxiety

Hi people I have mental problems and I have to take meds but some how or some way I just crave them like I got to have them like an kid loves their candy I don’t know what to do or say to my doctor I have major depression and anxiety and panic attacks and borderline personality disorder does anyone have any suggestions how to kick this habit that’s been going on for an while

Jul 20, 2013 · Women in Women's Health

Hi I’m married and unhappy I just found an new woman in my life I like her a lot an she feels the same about me

Jun 8, 2013 · Inpatient help for self injury in Mental Health

I go to work each day once I’m there I stop at the razor blades an my mouth waters I want to hurt myself real bad or try to take myself out of this world I can express my feelings I feel so alone on this journey

May 6, 2013 · Heart racing, feeling panicked, limited vision, depression in Depression & Anxiety

Hi I suffer from depression matter of fact I’m fighting not to hurt myself right now I feel all I got is fake friends I wonder if people would miss me if I killed myself

Dec 15, 2012 · Depression & anxiety, problems with finances, work and marriage in Depression & Anxiety

I often over dose on my meds I have bad depression nobody understands what I going through not even me I can express to people how I’m feeling

Nov 23, 2012 · SAD Lights in Depression & Anxiety

I have one I have to use it everyday or I get so depressed I love mine

Oct 22, 2012 · Sharing about Depression in Depression & Anxiety

I get depressed a lot and sometimes I don’t get why I do maybe its the change of the seasons I don’t know I usually get really bad for about and week and I will snap out of it so there is hope for all of us out there