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Jan 30, 2014 · I am now ACTIVE on UNOS for a liver transplant in Transplants

Thank You Rosemary 🙂 , I haven’t been on in a while 🙁 with the holidays and family and life i guess i just got busy . The Doctors at Mayo did prescribe me Trazadone and i don’t take it often but i do take it if i have a few days of no or little sleep . Since i posted this i have been back to Mayo and GI Doctor for many labs and test’s my last visit to Mayo was in January ~ My MELD score is now at 19 and i just went Monday and had another round of labs and am scheduled to return to Mayo on March 6th for a pre transplant return visit . I was severally malnutritioned when i first went there ( 93 lbs ) but had gotten weight up to 103 then got bronchitis and lost a few lbs but am slowly getting it back up there as they say it is critical i maintain my weight . The waiting seems to be harder than anything yet but i do have Family and Friends to talk with and a very good support team but i do still have my days of crying fits and being aggravated but for the most part i think i am holding up pretty well . i will keep you posted 🙂

Oct 26, 2013 · I am now ACTIVE on UNOS for a liver transplant in Transplants

Hi All ,
I have been accepted and am now ACTIVE on UNOS as of Thursday for a liver transplant ! and wow i thought my feelings and emotions were out of wack before now they are running rampid ! i was told to get caught up on my sleep and as much rest as possible but i am finding it hard to do 🙁 i cant turn off my mind and i am afraid i will miss my calling . Anyone else been through a liver transplant at Mayo in Jacksonville ??

Oct 7, 2013 · Baffling symptoms in Just Want to Talk

Hi Mnemon , dont know what to think of your symptoms but they do need looked into , i do know stress and depression can both cause a lot of things and wreck havic on your body ! . good luck and god bless .

Jul 16, 2013 · Pre transplant test's in Transplants

Lloyd hope this finds you well .I am home from pre transplant testing and have to say it was a busy time but nothing uncomfortable . I am awaiting the results of one last test then they will make a final decision , the transplant surgeon said i am an excellent candidate so we shall see . Things are worse then we realized but i am keeping the faith 🙂 . I understand the panicking as i can see myself doing this also as i am sure many do .yes i am willing to pay the small prices too to be able to have more time with my children and husband and family . thank you for taking the time to talk with me .

Jun 7, 2013 · ~ Getting things ready and together to head out Tuesday to go in Just Want to Talk

~ Getting things ready and together to head out Tuesday to go to Jacksonville to start Pre Liver Transplant testing ~ Praying all goes well 🙂 . hope all are doing well .

Jun 7, 2013 · Wow! I just looked at your profile. I also have 2 wonderful in Just Want to Talk

that will be nice , thanks for the heads up .

Jun 7, 2013 · Pre transplant test's in Transplants

Lloyd31405 i am actually going to end up there for 21 days , i have 2 days i think of no testing ~ i not only have the test’s you had but will meet with what feels like every department in the hospital ! lol , social worker , dietician , infectiouse disease doc etc etc etc . did you have your Transplant at the Mayo ?? , i hope you are doing well . thank you