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Jan 30, 2014 · I am now ACTIVE on UNOS for a liver transplant in Transplants

Thank You Rosemary 🙂 , I haven’t been on in a while 🙁 with the holidays and family and life i guess i just got busy . The Doctors at Mayo did prescribe me Trazadone and i don’t take it often but i do take it if i have a few days of no or little sleep . Since i posted this i have been back to Mayo and GI Doctor for many labs and test’s my last visit to Mayo was in January ~ My MELD score is now at 19 and i just went Monday and had another round of labs and am scheduled to return to Mayo on March 6th for a pre transplant return visit . I was severally malnutritioned when i first went there ( 93 lbs ) but had gotten weight up to 103 then got bronchitis and lost a few lbs but am slowly getting it back up there as they say it is critical i maintain my weight . The waiting seems to be harder than anything yet but i do have Family and Friends to talk with and a very good support team but i do still have my days of crying fits and being aggravated but for the most part i think i am holding up pretty well . i will keep you posted 🙂

Oct 26, 2013 · I am now ACTIVE on UNOS for a liver transplant in Transplants

Hi All ,
I have been accepted and am now ACTIVE on UNOS as of Thursday for a liver transplant ! and wow i thought my feelings and emotions were out of wack before now they are running rampid ! i was told to get caught up on my sleep and as much rest as possible but i am finding it hard to do 🙁 i cant turn off my mind and i am afraid i will miss my calling . Anyone else been through a liver transplant at Mayo in Jacksonville ??

Oct 7, 2013 · Transplant in Transplants

Just wondering if there is anyone who has had a liver transplant at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville , Florida ?

Oct 7, 2013 · Baffling symptoms in Just Want to Talk

Hi Mnemon , dont know what to think of your symptoms but they do need looked into , i do know stress and depression can both cause a lot of things and wreck havic on your body ! . good luck and god bless .

Oct 5, 2013 · Malabsorption in Digestive Health

Hi i am just wondering has anyone taken the medicine Creon for malabsorption and if so how was your experience with this medicine ? .

Jul 16, 2013 · Pre transplant test's in Transplants

Lloyd hope this finds you well .I am home from pre transplant testing and have to say it was a busy time but nothing uncomfortable . I am awaiting the results of one last test then they will make a final decision , the transplant surgeon said i am an excellent candidate so we shall see . Things are worse then we realized but i am keeping the faith 🙂 . I understand the panicking as i can see myself doing this also as i am sure many do .yes i am willing to pay the small prices too to be able to have more time with my children and husband and family . thank you for taking the time to talk with me .

Jun 25, 2013 · Hi Rosemary , Thanks for the message :) , it has been in Just Want to Talk

Hi Rosemary ,
Thanks for the message 🙂 , it has been a very busy time but i finished up today and will head home to hubby and my boys tomorrow ! i am as excited as a young child on Christmas morning ~ lol . Things as far as my health and the PBC have gotten worse and they now believe i have PSC and AIH and i am really confused now 🙁 not with the PSC but the AIH as i have been tested and shown i don’t have Hepatitis and was given the series of shot to keep from getting it but yet i have AIH ??? i don’t understand and they just said its my immune system which does not explain it . i am also down to 92 lbs ( i was found to have malabsorption ) so i am severally underweight and possibly needing a feeding tube . the bile ducts out side the liver are patent but the bile ducts inside the liver are showing narrowing and do not look right so they will present my case to the committee tomorrow then they said they will call me in a few days and also send a letter . billirubin is at 11 and MELD is at 18 now . @rosemarya