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Jul 14, 2012 · Vulvar cancer in Gynecologic Cancers

Hi jmgm….I was diagnosed with vulvar cancer may 27th of this yr…I was stage 3… I had my surgery in June….I realize that you are concerned about ur clitoris and I was concerned about mine as well… and I will tell u that with this stage you will get the most excruciating pain that u will ever experience…. It is not fun…. I don’t know if u have any children but my recommendation is to think hard about ur priorities and think about ur mortality projections….. As the stage progresses, ur mortality percentages decrease…I had a successful surgery and I still have a long journey…. The surgery is only the beginning…just one final thought….I am not a doctor and I don’t want to be one….if u have a good reppore with ur doctor and u have had second assessments of ur condition, I recommend listening to ur doctor…the information available can be confusing…I am glad I listened to my doctor because everything she has recommended for me aligns with what is being recommended from other sources…. I feel that I have a fighting chance to survive this and to be alive for my children…..good luck with ur decision and I wish u well…..